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Team ALF


Kevin Mercier:

Job: Team Leader / instructor

Skill Level: Pro

Favorite Board: Jamie Thomas Smith Grind

Current Board: (Unknown) (Picture Unavailable)

Josh Wright: LOL


Skill Level: Intermediate

Favorite Board: Dead Willy

Current Board: Dead Willy

Chris Selman:SPOILED

Job: Web Interface Designer

Skill Level: Beginner (Heh..)

Favorite Board: White Trash AND Falcon Family

Current Board: Falcon

Joe Pezzino: Ask the brick wall, it'd know.POPULAR Job: Judge / Commentator

Skill Level: Novice

Favorite Board: Bloody Nose

Current Board: Bloody Nose

Richard Solomen:dunno Job:ALF'S assistant

Skill Level:Advanced

Favorite Board: Uknown

Current Board: Uknown