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Skate Park Ideas

Making a skate park is really easy. If you have enough money buy a little of the tech deck stuff for it but nt all of it.With the rest of your money go to the craft store and buy some stuff to build created.Like using pencils for grind rails and remember you dont need THAT sturdy ramps cause all it is is a little plastic Fingerboard.Dont be the same as every one else and dont leave alot of empty space.Always have your little tweak to it that is speacial and a little hard to do. Mine is a huge grind rail that goes across the whole park and lands on a littler grind rail(if you want to).It is longer than on the picture but I didnt put it that way cause it would block alot of the could make a whole bunch of books stacked up with a half pipe on top of it and the only way to get up there is to go off of a launch ramp.It is totally up to you.Email me some pictures of your skate park you doing tricks and I will add them to the gallery which is under construction.