Our Story

Russ and Jon met in Winslow School #6 in 5th grade. They hung out and stuff till Jon moved away in 7th grade, but they still kept in touch and stayed best friends. The summer before ninth grade, They started getting into music alot more, Russell into rap and then into alternitive and metal, Jon got into alternitive and metal. That year Russ found his step brothers greenday cd (dookie). It had russ favorite Greenday song on it from 94', Basketcase! He hadn't heard it in a long time. He started to listen to the cd and really loved it then he showed it to jon and he got into it too. Then jon got nimrod and they really got into greenday and it was their favorite band. That summer russ went to work at his grandpop's lab with his cousin Bob who he never really seen much. Bob was into punk. He influenced russ into punk with such bands as pennywise MxPx and Blink. Russ got Jon into it too and at the Begining of the summer Jon started to play his dads bass, and Russ wanted a guitar, to be able to play greenday songs instead of just listening to them. Jon bought his own bass and Russ got a guitar. They decided to start a band. Ever since they have gotten noticably better for teaching themselves. They looked long and hard for two years, for a drummer that didn't suck. Then at a friends party they met matt. He was looking for a band to play with. He was a metal head, who admired Pantera. He liked greenday and knew their stuff so he joined the band. He had been playing drums since he was four. He was set on making drumming his career. He jon and Russ hooked up (not making out!) and formed No excuse!! Which is the best band ever next to greenday (oh yeah and matt wants me to say "pantera") Tyler was in matt's old band, and was into punk and played good guitar and sang good. Plus russ needed help with vocals cause he sux and its always good to have an extra guitar. So they let him join the band. Jim is cool too. He's in the band/Roadie. He helps out with vocals.

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