I'm Russell Young. I play a Fender mexican stratocaster, and an Ibanez pf-4 acoustic. I've been playing for a year and a half. My idol is billie joe. I don't know how good i am at singing but well see if we need a vocalist. I like to hang out with my friends in my spare time, I only have like four or five good friends. Jon is my best frined in the world he is like my brother. I am into just about any kind of music except R&B and i can stand jazz and country but im not a real fan of it. I love music & the arts it is my life. I'm into just about any kind of art there is visual is cool but i can't draw, and i like to act but i totally suck, and directing is cool, i also like to write. I'm currently unemployed in the boyfriend department so if you want me come and get me. I go to Williamstown high school. My favorite food is pizza, raviolis, chinese food, or mexican food. My favorite songs at the momentare "monkey Boogie" by Millencolin and like always "Basketcase" by Greenday. Well thats all i can think of that i want you to know right now so bye

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The influence to our song Mullet(funny)
My fav radio staion Y100
Mtv can be gay But I like it still