Hobobobobo: wanna give me your opinion on something?
LaurLaur04: sure
Hobobobobo wants to directly connect.
Hobobobobo is now directly connected.
Hobobobobo: how is this for the back of a CD?
LaurLaur04: it's fun
Hobobobobo: is "fun" good?
LaurLaur04: yes
Hobobobobo: okay, opinion on uno mas thing
Hobobobobo: how is this for the CD front?
LaurLaur04: is there really a free toy inside?
Hobobobobo: there could be
LaurLaur04: there should be
Hobobobobo: there will be
LaurLaur04: good
LaurLaur04: i like it then
Hobobobobo: I think the Value thing is the greatest thing on four legs
LaurLaur04: ?
Hobobobobo: you heard me
LaurLaur04: what do you mean?
Hobobobobo: argh, you're one of them
Hobobobobo: I thought you were less concrete than this
LaurLaur04: well that hurts
Hobobobobo: I took the SATs this morning
LaurLaur04: what's that have to do with anything?
Hobobobobo: see, you are concrete
LaurLaur04: what are you talking about?
Hobobobobo: the fact that you don't understand that statement proves it
Hobobobobo: if you call someone kinky, is it good or bad?
LaurLaur04: why am i concrete? what does that mean?
LaurLaur04: are you being mean to me? DON'T PLAY MIND GAMES WITH ME!
Hobobobobo: someone who isn't won't understand
Hobobobobo: answer my question
LaurLaur04: answer my question first cause i think you are insulting me
Hobobobobo: I'm not insulting you, just stating the truth
LaurLaur04: what truth?
Hobobobobo: you have a propensity for tilted letters
LaurLaur04: so?
Hobobobobo: just that
Hobobobobo: so answer my question
LaurLaur04: depends...like on if you're trying to flirt or whatever
Hobobobobo: no, like I mean, just saying it as an adjective, is it good or bad
Hobobobobo: like
Hobobobobo: "EW! That's kinky!"
Hobobobobo: or
Hobobobobo: "Oh! That's kinky!"
LaurLaur04: i guess it could be used either way, hm?
LaurLaur04: like you just did
Hobobobobo: how do you know if it will be interpreted appropriatly
LaurLaur04: you don't
LaurLaur04: if you say it to someone who uses it the word a lot, their probably more likely to interpret it how you meant it
Hobobobobo: probably
Hobobobobo: but if I used it to like people in GT
Hobobobobo: they'd be like
Hobobobobo: "Ew."
LaurLaur04: not necessarily..
LaurLaur04: can i ask why?
Hobobobobo: GT gals are prude
Hobobobobo: all they "good christians"
Hobobobobo: you know
Hobobobobo: the 1st or second baptists church g-ers
Hobobobobo: *go-ers
Hobobobobo: the real sluts are in the 7th or 8th bap"tits" church
LaurLaur04: that's not very funny
Hobobobobo: that's cuz you're concrete
LaurLaur04: why do you call me that?
Hobobobobo: because you are
LaurLaur04: it sounds negative
Hobobobobo: maybe it is
LaurLaur04: why are you saying negative things to me?
Hobobobobo: should I be blindlessly priasing?
Hobobobobo: that's what conrete people need
Hobobobobo: to feel real
LaurLaur04: you could just shut up and say nothing.
Hobobobobo: but then it would qualify you non-existant abstractiality
LaurLaur04: you're making things up
Hobobobobo: you just think that
Hobobobobo: because the confines of your mind are blind to the greener grass
LaurLaur04: i hate when people come into the room you are in, turn on something on tv that you hate, watch for five minutes, and leave, without turning the tv off
LaurLaur04: home and garden network is playing behind me and i don't like it
LaurLaur04: are you high sumedh?
Hobobobobo: high is crude, you have elevated states of mind and rational states of mind, it is for the mind to choose the treaded path
LaurLaur04: i'm not concrete
Hobobobobo: you choose to be concrete, by defining your self as non-concrete, you lie to your inner supreme self, stultifying your deep desires and burying the key to your soul in a shroud of deceit and a cloak of no color
LaurLaur04: you're being weird
Hobobobobo: maybe I'm the one that is weird or different, but it is society that is the same
LaurLaur04: i think you are getting all these things off a website
Hobobobobo: you want me to tell you something?
LaurLaur04: no
Hobobobobo: agreed
Hobobobobo: we shall never speak again
Hobobobobo: enjoy your concrete life
Hobobobobo: make the very best of your concrete world
LaurLaur04: what?
Hobobobobo: for I will look down apon you from the pedestal of truth
Hobobobobo: and see you needlessly toiling,toiling, toiling
LaurLaur04: i dont' toil
Hobobobobo: for an inconsequential One
LaurLaur04: is kate turning you against me?
Hobobobobo: and on that day
LaurLaur04: what day?
Hobobobobo: you shall be ignorant
Hobobobobo: and I shall be free
Hobobobobo: enjoy your concrete world
Hobobobobo direct connection is closed.
Hobobobobo signed off at 8:37:39 PM.