Lizzzz111: hey we need to talk about kristins visit
LaurLaur04: yes?
Lizzzz111: ok well you know how she was supposed to stay with me wed and thurs but the abads couldn't keep her mon so they switched mon and wed
Lizzzz111: well so i thought that since i was planning on having her for 2 days that i would get her mon too to make up for not having her wed
Lizzzz111: but you told karen that it would be ok to take her for mon
LaurLaur04: ok?
Lizzzz111: so that just ripped me off of a day that i was planning on having with her
LaurLaur04: well karen wouldn't get a day at all if we didn't 'rip you off a day'
Lizzzz111: so i was thinking that i could have her thurs and friday since your the one who told karen she could take her on one of my nights
LaurLaur04: i really don't know okay?
Lizzzz111: well yea we already had plans for kristin while she was satying with us
LaurLaur04: i don't know right now i'll get back to you though.
Lizzzz111: yea neither would vi, row, christina or shannon so thats why we were all getting together for one of my days and then the other day was going to be for me and kristin
LaurLaur04: shannon is seeing her tuesday
LaurLaur04: tuesday morning
LaurLaur04: and afternoon
Lizzzz111: she told me she wasn't going to see her
LaurLaur04: okay maybe shannon couldn't see her tuesday i dunno
Lizzzz111: but you know we would all like to see her too and she'll be with you for most of the time so i would really appreciate having some time for just me and kristin since plans were already made for thurs for all the other girls to come see her
LaurLaur04: okay i really don't know though i'll, get back to you
Lizzzz111: well i need to know soon
LaurLaur04: k