LaurLaur04: heyyyyy
Gig em 1130
: howdy:-)
LaurLaur04: what's up?
Gig em 1130
: not much - stopped home to shop with my momma
LaurLaur04: that's fun
Gig em 1130
: and cooked some muffins - i can cook!!!
LaurLaur04: lol i can't
Gig em 1130
: hehe
Gig em 1130: oh neither can i...
Gig em 1130: i'm thinking i really need you for that one session
Gig em 1130: can you still do it?
Gig em 1130: july 1/7
LaurLaur04: wait...i though you said the one after that...
Gig em 1130
: oh it might have been.
Gig em 1130: lol
Gig em 1130: sorry
Gig em 1130: whatever i told you on the phone
Gig em 1130: i'm gettin all mixed up
LaurLaur04: okay cause i can't do 1-7
: okay lemme check real fast brb
Gig em 1130
: ok
LaurLaur04: yes i can do it
Gig em 1130
: thank you mucho
LaurLaur04: sure:-)
LaurLaur04: what details do i need to know?
Gig em 1130
: well the camp board are checkin us out again
Gig em 1130: so everything has to be updated in your file
Gig em 1130: and we have more regulations to add to the list of hundreds
LaurLaur04: ooh fun fun
Gig em 1130
: but it's all good
Gig em 1130: it'll be what we make it.
Gig em 1130: most likely fun.
Gig em 1130: hehe
LaurLaur04: yep:-)
LaurLaur04: so how do i update my file or whatever?
Gig em 1130
: well i need a new resume - with references
Gig em 1130: then one of the references has to fill out a reference sheet
LaurLaur04: okay where do i get this?
Gig em 1130
: do you have a fax/
LaurLaur04: no
Gig em 1130
: ok i'll figure out a way to get it to you - and if not - then just make sure there are numbers for your references on your resume.
Gig em 1130: then all those other forms we fill out have to be updated.
LaurLaur04: wow okay
Gig em 1130
: lol
LaurLaur04: so are you gonna mail me all the stuff i need?
Gig em 1130
: the resume doesn't have to be explicit details... just horse experience - education - and any achievements really.
Gig em 1130: sure.
Gig em 1130: what's your mailin' address?
LaurLaur04: hey brb
Gig em 1130
: ok
LaurLaur04: okay i have a fax you can use if that's easier...
: ??
: are you there?
: did melanie die?
: okay well if you wanna fax it my dad's fax at his office is 713 690 7027 and you have to put ATTENTION CARY WEINER and if you are gonna mail it my mailing address is
4626 Cloudmount Drive
Houston, TX 77084

: but i have to go now
: so bye!
Gig em 1130 signed off at 12:00:48 PM