LaurLaur04: nancy..i don't go to church cause barry's there
Lizzzz111: i hear
Lizzzz111: sorry wrong box
Lizzzz111: well it looks like an awful big reason... never came before
LaurLaur04: my church's youth group is falling apart...when i think about it, it wasn't ever really there to begin with. and barry invited me once and i like it
LaurLaur04: i like your church; i don't like mine
LaurLaur04: i have a way to get to your church; i can't get to mine
Lizzzz111: so now you do everything hes at
LaurLaur04: and it's really disappointing that you aren't more welcoming
LaurLaur04: what?
Lizzzz111: nevermind
LaurLaur04: really though nancy you've been totally rude to me for a while now and it's not fair
Lizzzz111: sorry
LaurLaur04: are you?
Lizzzz111: yea
LaurLaur04: okay..thanks
Lizzzz111: if you would talk to me about other stuff besides barry all the time i wouldn't be so annoyed
Lizzzz111: but any conversation we ever have turns to you saying "yea so me and barry.."
Lizzzz111: thats cool and all but theres more to talk about than just him
Lizzzz111: and that gets really annoying really fast
LaurLaur04: okay..i'm sorry
LaurLaur04: i didn't realize that was's something i bring up i guess when conversations start to die down
Lizzzz111: no no no! we'll be in a good conversation about a tv show or something about your cousins and that somehow will lead to barry
LaurLaur04: really?
Lizzzz111: ohhhhh yea
LaurLaur04: i don't do it on purpose
Lizzzz111: for the past few months thats ALL i hear from you. If you like him thats cool but just don't talk to me about what ya'll did or the funny thing he said b/c i'm getting sick of hearing about him 24-7
Lizzzz111: and i don't trued to be rude on purpose but when i get annyed it happens
LaurLaur04: okay
LaurLaur04: last time i talked to you though..about karen..she didn't wanna look stupid
Lizzzz111: no i understnad how she could be confused b/c he does that to everyone
LaurLaur04: yeah
LaurLaur04: okay
LaurLaur04: poor karen she's really confused i think she's getting sick over it
LaurLaur04: what's up?
Lizzzz111: talking to people online
Lizzzz111: getting ready for bed
Lizzzz111: nothing fun
Lizzzz111: you?

LaurLaur04: yeah same basically
LaurLaur04: except i'm not getting ready for bed
LaurLaur04: i think i'm on like, hawaii time or something cause it doesn't feel like feels like 9:30 i'm not tired at all
Lizzzz111: same here
Lizzzz111: i don't get tired till bout 3
LaurLaur04: yeah same here last night i was up until 4
Lizzzz111: haha! i thought i was the only one who satyed up way late
LaurLaur04: no...dude i'd go to sleep now but i'm not tired at all
Lizzzz111: yea me too and i know i need to go to sleep now so i can get up early to do all this stuff tomorrow but i'm just not tired
LaurLaur04: yeppp
LaurLaur04: i'm gonna clean or something tomorrow
LaurLaur04: to show i'm responsible or something
Lizzzz111: thats always a good way to suck up... i do it all the time here
LaurLaur04: oh and i'm not going to frontier camp
Lizzzz111: no one is
LaurLaur04: hm?
Lizzzz111: i found out my good friend daniel isn't going b/c he refractured his knee bone
Lizzzz111: so he'll be out of doing anything for about 2 months
LaurLaur04: and that especially sucks during summer
Lizzzz111: and he has to get a cast on next week
Lizzzz111: i feel so bad for him b/c he just had surgery a month ago and fractured it at rehab
Lizzzz111: so that really sucks for him
LaurLaur04: yeah..:-(
Lizzzz111: plus 2 of the churches who normally go aren't going this year b/c theyre going on a speacial mission trip or something
Lizzzz111: hang on a sec
LaurLaur04: ok
LaurLaur04: hey did you hear alex got a job?
Lizzzz111: and i'm back!
Lizzzz111: yea .... working at the naner pub
LaurLaur04: yeppp isn't that fun?
Lizzzz111: we should go bother him at work alot
LaurLaur04: yeah i know that'd be great
LaurLaur04: OOOH and we can use his discount!
LaurLaur04: i doubt he shops at banana republic
LaurLaur04: not that i do
LaurLaur04: but still
LaurLaur04: : )
Lizzzz111: just nice to know to be like "yea i got this at THE banana republic... its a $90 shirt..." when really you paid like$10
LaurLaur04: yessss that's fun
LaurLaur04: oh good stuff happening the new doctor thinks he knows what's wrong with my cousin nicole
LaurLaur04: sorry quick change of subject there but i just remembered
LaurLaur04: i don't know what he said it is though
Lizzzz111: oh thats good news!
Lizzzz111: atleast its more positive
LaurLaur04: yes it's great
LaurLaur04: hey so who did you say is coming over when kristin is at your house?
Lizzzz111: vi row christina shannon rebecca. They all haven't gotten back to me but i know becca and shannon are for sure
LaurLaur04: oh that's fun
Lizzzz111: we were all in PE last year
Lizzzz111: and kristin and i have always talked about havoing a reunion of it
LaurLaur04: what are yall gonna do?
Lizzzz111: just talk
Lizzzz111: hang out over here
Lizzzz111: rebecca said we might have it over there... depends on if my dad will let them all over
LaurLaur04: fun
LaurLaur04: me, becca pavlik, beth, kk and kristin are going to laser quest on tuesday
LaurLaur04: and then probably to fry's to hang out and talk
Lizzzz111: maybe you'll see some crazy gusy like the ones form your party a looong time ago that were soo into laser quest
LaurLaur04: oh gosh
LaurLaur04: that's what alex and his friend are like at laserquest
LaurLaur04: alex is soooo good at it it's creepy
Lizzzz111: they were physco
Lizzzz111: thats insane!!!!!!!!
LaurLaur04: he has strategy for laser quest
LaurLaur04: he can give you tips on laser quest like you hold your gun sideways and shoot with your thumb
Lizzzz111: crazy kid!
Lizzzz111: well i'm going to attempt going to bed... night lauren
LaurLaur04: good night
Lizzzz111: maybe alex will teach you his mad skills
LaurLaur04: he's tried
LaurLaur04: :-)
LaurLaur04: talk to you later
Lizzzz111 signed off at 1:18:29 AM.