LaurenNeedsAMan1: hey grayson
LaurenNeedsAMan1: i'm back!
grayboy2004: i'll just block this sn too
LaurenNeedsAMan1: wait wait
grayboy2004: ...
LaurenNeedsAMan1: you gotta talk to me first
LaurenNeedsAMan1: you have to tell me why you're mad at me
LaurenNeedsAMan1: and then i'll leave that's all i wanna know
grayboy2004: the picture...
LaurenNeedsAMan1: yeah but what about it?
LaurenNeedsAMan1: it's just a picture
grayboy2004: you gave it to jake
grayboy2004: jake is going to put it on the net
LaurenNeedsAMan1: ohhhh that
grayboy2004: I DO NOT APPROVE
LaurenNeedsAMan1: okay well good night, i'm looking forward to the rumors you're gonna spread about meeeeee
grayboy2004: shows how much a firend you are
grayboy2004 signed off at 9:42:32 PM.