LaurLaur04: a person...
grayboy2004: um...yes
LaurLaur04: you and jack poulson are the only people online
grayboy2004: i beg to differ
LaurLaur04: on my list
LaurLaur04: well alex herdocia
LaurLaur04: but i don't wanna talk to him
grayboy2004: alex herdocia
grayboy2004: i know that name
LaurLaur04: yep
LaurLaur04: it's a name worth knowing
grayboy2004: ooohh, now i remember
LaurLaur04: did jake show you the picture of you?
grayboy2004: no
grayboy2004: but he told me about it
LaurLaur04 wants to directly connect.
grayboy2004 is now directly connected.
LaurLaur04: you like that?
grayboy2004: EEEWWWW BURN IT!!!]
LaurLaur04: jake has a copy of it
grayboy2004: OMG
LaurLaur04: you like that huh?
grayboy2004: great, i can just feel the blackmail coming on
LaurLaur04: he says he's gonna put it on the internet
LaurLaur04: so am i once dsl comes back
grayboy2004: if you do i swaer i will sue
grayboy2004: i am so not joking
LaurLaur04: you'll sue?
LaurLaur04: for what?
grayboy2004: damage to me!!
LaurLaur04: it's not damage to you
LaurLaur04: just remember that picture
LaurLaur04: that's a nice oen
grayboy2004: hehe
LaurLaur04: *one
LaurLaur04: so are you gonna sue both of us?
grayboy2004: yes
LaurLaur04: that's fun
grayboy2004: oh it will be a blast when i get all this money
LaurLaur04: i have no money
grayboy2004: your parent's $$ duh
LaurLaur04: they didn't damage you
LaurLaur04: all i have is my car
LaurLaur04: and you hate that
grayboy2004: well then i will sell it
LaurLaur04: nope
LaurLaur04: my car
LaurLaur04: you couldn't sell it for much anyways
grayboy2004: well then that is MY picture and YOU CAN NOT put it on the net
LaurLaur04: only it's my picture cause i payed for the developmentness and jake's cause i gave it to him
grayboy2004: i am serious, tell jake NOT to put it on the internet
grayboy2004: and that goes for you too
grayboy2004: i am dead serious
LaurLaur04: are you really serious?
LaurLaur04: dead serious?
grayboy2004: you have no right to put a picture of me on the internet for the world to see
LaurLaur04: uh-oh! grayson's dead serious!
grayboy2004: do you really want me mad at you?
LaurLaur04: is that a threat?
LaurLaur04: cause that'd be fun
grayboy2004: please don't
grayboy2004: just stop
grayboy2004: cause i will get pissed and i dont want to be pissed at anyone
LaurLaur04: so what does you getting mad at me involve?
LaurLaur04: after you become mad at me, what will happen?
grayboy2004: i will probably ignore you
grayboy2004: say bad things about you
grayboy2004: and use my pursuasive attraction to turn people against you
LaurLaur04: heh...persuasive attraction.....
LaurLaur04: wellllll i'd still have your best friend on my side
grayboy2004: jake
grayboy2004: i dont care
grayboy2004: i will be pissed at him too
LaurLaur04: what kind of bad things would you say about me?
grayboy2004: well that wont become public until i have a reason to get pissed
LaurLaur04: come on
LaurLaur04: tell me
grayboy2004: i am this close to blocking you right now
LaurLaur04: well then bring it on;-)
grayboy2004 direct connection is closed.
grayboy2004 signed off at 9:21:50 PM.
grayboy2004 signed on at 9:25:07 PM.
LaurLaur04: hey grayson
grayboy2004: so what do youi have to say cause i have my mouse on the block button
LaurLaur04: say about what?
grayboy2004: the picture
LaurLaur04: what about it?
grayboy2004: not very bright are you?
grayboy2004 signed off at 9:26:49 PM.