LaurLaur04: heyyyyy it's barry!
Astro1359: hey its lauren
LaurLaur04: what's up?
Astro1359: nothin im talking to this girl i met at camp last summer
LaurLaur04: camp romances?
Astro1359: you could say so
LaurLaur04: fun stuff
LaurLaur04: hah i felt like i was in sixth grade again at church
Astro1359: it really is
LaurLaur04: la la la
Astro1359: hey its not my fault i cant make up interesting conversations
LaurLaur04: you usually can
Astro1359: but not on the internet
LaurLaur04: okay
Astro1359: make something up
LaurLaur04: i don't knowwwww i'm tired
Astro1359: well
Astro1359: how can you be tired
LaurLaur04: i'm not really
LaurLaur04: just a little
LaurLaur04: heyyy karen almost met jake holloway today
Astro1359: almost so close how
LaurLaur04: he was at metro
Astro1359: oh was he
LaurLaur04: and i was like "oh that's jake holloway"
Astro1359: yeah see now you know
LaurLaur04: and she got that scary hunter person face and goes "WHERE?"
LaurLaur04: so we asked nancy to introduce her
LaurLaur04: and she said she didn't know him
LaurLaur04: so she asked nate to introduce her
Astro1359: i know him i wouldve done it if i was there
LaurLaur04: and he got the weird smile like "oh karen likes jake" and she was like "he's supposed to give me drum lessons" and nate said she didn't want drum lessons from him but hopefully she can find someone as good looking and funny
LaurLaur04: i know
LaurLaur04: but you don't go to metro
Astro1359: hey isnt this weird this GIRL (keep that in mind) sent this to me in her IM
Astro1359: I'll be online in hour!! My friend is over and he needs to talk-i wanna talk to you though be online in an hour~~ lov eyou tons buh bye?!
LaurLaur04: that's odd i don't really understand it
Astro1359: now this girl is younger than me
Astro1359: she lives in oklahoma the same time zone
LaurLaur04: okay..
LaurLaur04: that's kinda confusing
LaurLaur04: oh barry did you die?
LaurLaur04: .....
Astro1359 signed off at 12:49:56 AM.