LaurLaur04: hi
Proteus370: hi
LaurLaur04: what's up?
Proteus370: not much
Proteus370: you?
LaurLaur04: same...gonna help karen burn cds before the party and that's about it
Proteus370: i have a fast ass cd burner now
Proteus370: we have 2
LaurLaur04: you ever gonna burn that cd for me? ; )
Proteus370: let me see if i still have the list
Proteus370: shit i do
LaurLaur04: lol
Proteus370: okay i'll burn it
LaurLaur04: thanks, you're awesome
LaurLaur04: did you still want me to call you?
Proteus370: for what?
LaurLaur04: i dunno
LaurLaur04: you wanted me to call last night....poor little alex
Proteus370: oh man
Proteus370: you too?
LaurLaur04: what do you mean?
Proteus370: your not the only person
Proteus370: i think whitney palmer called me
Proteus370: i'm not positive
LaurLaur04: i didn't call
LaurLaur04: you kept on telling me to
Proteus370: awesome
Proteus370: albie castle did too
Proteus370: i do remember that
Proteus370: i'm sorry bout that
LaurLaur04: i remember russell telling me that
Proteus370: you were at the wrong place at the wrong time
LaurLaur04: it's okay, you didn't say anything
LaurLaur04: i don't know why you do that to yourself though
Proteus370: don't worry bout it, it was definitely fine last night
Proteus370: nobody got hurt
LaurLaur04: don't worry about it
LaurLaur04: okay
LaurLaur04: will you do me a favor?
Proteus370: prob not
Proteus370: but what is it
LaurLaur04: go to karen's party
Proteus370: when is it
LaurLaur04: tonight..7:30 - 10:30
LaurLaur04: you got an invitation
Proteus370: working
Proteus370: 4-10
LaurLaur04: you can't take off?
Proteus370: i can't
Proteus370: like outta all seriousness
Proteus370: i would too
Proteus370: especially for karen
LaurLaur04: she really wanted you to come
LaurLaur04: hey sorry if we interrupted your work last night
Proteus370: that's okay
Proteus370: everbody stops
Proteus370: just yesterday was really busy
Proteus370: like busy where i didn't want to go on break busy
Proteus370: cause i was afraid the store was fallin apart
Proteus370: it was like a state of emergency
LaurLaur04: closing?
Proteus370: no, i wasn't closing the whole time
Proteus370: i closed for a sec
Proteus370: we had 365 boxes of clothes that got delivered in the back
Proteus370: and it was all new stuff
Proteus370: and we needed to send them on the floor
Proteus370: but there was stuff on the floor already
LaurLaur04: you had to put 365 boxes of clothes out?
Proteus370: no way, we're not even done opening 365 boxes
Proteus370: they will be today
Proteus370: not only open the box
Proteus370: fold the thing or hang it
Proteus370: then find where to put it
LaurLaur04: do you like working there?
Proteus370: ya but i'm moving to gap
Proteus370: cause all the fun managers are
LaurLaur04: sounds good
LaurLaur04: and it's not in the abandoned section of katy mills
Proteus370: yep
LaurLaur04: you should come by at the end of the party
LaurLaur04: make a cameo
Proteus370: okie dokie
LaurLaur04: good: )
LaurLaur04: la la so what's up before work today?
Proteus370: hangover camp
LaurLaur04: is it worth it?
Proteus370: probably or probably not
Proteus370: i slept like a baby though
LaurLaur04: yeah i bet
LaurLaur04: hey isn't your birthday on the first day of school?
Proteus370: ya
Proteus370: i'm gonna go sober up
Proteus370: bye
LaurLaur04: byeeeeee