LaurLaur04: hey alex what's up?
Proteus370: bottoms up
LaurLaur04: hm?
LaurLaur04: how was the rest of closing? tons of fun i'm sure
Proteus370: what i'm havin more fun now
LaurLaur04: what's happening now?
LaurLaur04: la la you there?
Proteus370: not all of me
LaurLaur04: what do you mean alex?
LaurLaur04: alex?
Auto response from Proteus370: we're consuming smir.... off w/ that statement.. we're not consuming any bevragez... cause i'm SO ber... i'm sooooo berrr.. its not even funny... brrrrr... soooo brrrrr.....
-alex-... and russell....

LaurLaur04: alex what is wrong with you? what happened that's making you so stupid?
LaurLaur04: sorry...that was mean
LaurLaur04: not stupid.....weird, i guess
LaurLaur04: are you back?
Proteus370: shhhhooooooosh
Proteus370: you no talk like dat
LaurLaur04: talk like what?
LaurLaur04: alex?
Proteus370: alex is gone
Proteus370: if you'd like to leave an away message
Proteus370: don't
Proteus370: cause your gay
Proteus370: muahahahahhahahahaha
LaurLaur04: who am i talking to?
Proteus370: me
Proteus370: the guy
LaurLaur04: what guy?
Proteus370: w/ the bottle and the life
Proteus370: yaaa baby
Proteus370: alex is da name, monopoly is the game
LaurLaur04: alexxxxxx what happened?
LaurLaur04: ????
Proteus370: dude
Proteus370: go away
LaurLaur04: no alex...i'm worried about you and i wanna know what's wrong
Proteus370: what's wrong?
Proteus370: everything is wriiiiiiiiite
Proteus370: what's 12 times 6
LaurLaur04: 72
Proteus370: thanks a lot captain obvious
LaurLaur04: okay
LaurLaur04: but hey i know somethings wrong cause you're all depressed
Proteus370: i'm nbot dp''ressed slillt
LaurLaur04: what are you then? other than drunk, i mean
Proteus370: yiopp
LaurLaur04: yeah that wasn't a yes/no question
LaurLaur04: alex, this is your chance to let it all out....vent...complain
Proteus370: uim happy
LaurLaur04: you're happy
Proteus370: uopu
Proteus370: ypu
LaurLaur04: are you going to karen's party?
LaurLaur04: are you?
Proteus370: i'm shittaced
Proteus370: burp
LaurLaur04: are you going to karen's party?
Proteus370 signed off at 1:50:58 AM.
Proteus370 signed on at 1:51:48 AM.
Proteus370: qwere dingnign odd for a little whillle
LaurLaur04: what's the second word?
Proteus370: sxinginmg
Proteus370: sigbning
Proteus370: sighning
LaurLaur04: we're signing off for a little while?
Proteus370: yeaz|
Proteus370: c ya ;lataz
LaurLaur04: okay
LaurLaur04: bye
Proteus370 signed off at 1:56:33 AM.
Proteus370 signed on at 2:22:15 AM.
Proteus370 signed off at 2:30:30 AM.
Proteus370 signed on at 2:31:32 AM.
LaurLaur04: hey alex
Proteus370: i think laura shoulnm doi more thinkijn amd l3ess whinniner
LaurLaur04: lauren isn't whining
Proteus370: liarrrr
LaurLaur04: can i ask you a question?
Proteus370: waza that?
LaurLaur04: why'd you get drunk?
Proteus370: whoze drunk
Proteus370: prove i9t
Proteus370: i'm not drunk
Proteus370: prove it
Proteus370: i dare youuuuuuuu
LaurLaur04: "we're consuming smir.... off w/ that statement.. we're not consuming any bevragez... cause i'm SO ber... i'm sooooo berrr.. its not even funny... brrrrr... soooo brrrrr.....
-alex-... and russell...."
Proteus370: i cunt read that
LaurLaur04: why not?
Proteus370: why so
LaurLaur04: okay new question
Proteus370: yes
Proteus370: more question
LaurLaur04: are you going to karen's party?
Proteus370: what
Proteus370: whose karen
LaurLaur04: who's this?
Proteus370: alex
Proteus370: i'm at home
Proteus370: 492-7244
Proteus370: i'm gonna gio pee
LaurLaur04: and you're asking who karen is?
Proteus370: this is ruseell i know whio katren ies is

LaurLaur04: russell who?
Proteus370: hagan
LaurLaur04: kathryn's brother?
Proteus370: dont tell kathryn
LaurLaur04: don't tell kathryn what?
Proteus370: nothin
LaurLaur04: that you're drunk?
Proteus370: no im not
LaurLaur04: don't tell kathryn what?
Proteus370: nothin
LaurLaur04: where's alex?
Proteus370: he's right here
LaurLaur04: is he going to karen's party?
Proteus370: i dont know yet
Proteus370: call me
LaurLaur04: call you when?
Proteus370: 492 7244
Proteus370: now
LaurLaur04: now?
LaurLaur04: why?
Proteus370: NOW
LaurLaur04: no yelling
LaurLaur04: i can't call now
Proteus370: NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Proteus370: why niot
LaurLaur04: cause i'll wake up my parents
Proteus370: nio yoyu wont
LaurLaur04: yes i will
Proteus370: na
LaurLaur04: why do you want me to call?
LaurLaur04: we're talking now
Proteus370: its more fun
Proteus370: and less typeing
LaurLaur04: i'll call you tomorrow
Proteus370: ok
LaurLaur04: ok
LaurLaur04: or you can call me tomorrow
LaurLaur04: if you go to karen's party, you should wear what you wore to graduation
Proteus370: what
Proteus370: did i wear
Proteus370: brb
LaurLaur04: black shirt and black pants
LaurLaur04: okay
Proteus370: koooool
Proteus370: drink
Proteus370: grrr
Proteus370: we'res soooo happppy
Proteus370: and screwed up
LaurLaur04: why are you screwed up?
Proteus370: 492-7244
Proteus370: or 6468536
LaurLaur04: that's your number
Proteus370: is my other
LaurLaur04: yep
Proteus370: bye
LaurLaur04: no
Proteus370: cal
Proteus370: 646 q
LaurLaur04: i'm not calling tonight
Proteus370: preferable
Proteus370: bye
LaurLaur04: i'm calling tomorrow
Proteus370: bye
LaurLaur04: tomorrow alex
LaurLaur04: 463-0520
LaurLaur04: you call
Proteus370 signed off at 2:53:12 AM.
Proteus370 signed on at 2:56:42 AM.
LaurLaur04: hi..?
Proteus370: hedllo
Proteus370: this is russeoll
Proteus370: aolex is talkinmg to albert castle
LaurLaur04: okay
Proteus370: was up
LaurLaur04: not much
LaurLaur04: listening to my music
LaurLaur04: that's about it
LaurLaur04: how bout yall?
Proteus370: yes
LaurLaur04: what's up?
Proteus370: we're good
LaurLaur04: good
LaurLaur04: brb
Proteus370: ok
LaurLaur04: okay hi
Proteus370 signed off at 3:05:32 AM.