LaurLaur04: hey what's up?
Proteus370: hey
Proteus370: sorry bout lunch
LaurLaur04: yeah...
Proteus370: rAcHeL aNgEl86: (not trying to be a bitch, just trying not to say something i'll regret later, ok)
Proteus370: she cussed
Proteus370: whoaaaaa
Proteus370: weird
LaurLaur04: yeah she won't talk to me at all...dont' make her talk right now if she doesn't want to okay?
LaurLaur04: it'll just make her more mad
Proteus370: i wnat her to talk to me though
LaurLaur04: she'll talk later...if she doesn't want to know don't make her
LaurLaur04: what really got to me was how you semi-tried to change the subject once but when they started making fun of you, you totally caved
Proteus370: thing was,
Proteus370: i sorta wanted to talk about it
Proteus370: just not there
Proteus370: and then
Proteus370: but they have a point
Proteus370: and rulez
LaurLaur04: what?
Proteus370: bbh - is code for it
Proteus370: but if i can't be upfront with my friends
Proteus370: then there's a problem
LaurLaur04: yeah...i mean if you knew it bothered us (which you obviously do) you could have easily just told them that it wasn't the time/place to talk about it and you'd talk later
Proteus370: true but one problem
Proteus370: i was sorta mad about one thing
Proteus370: what if i DID want to talk about it
Proteus370: and i did sit at my own table with brian
Proteus370: so we could talk about things like that
Proteus370: that's why the first day i didn't sit with ya'll, cause brian would come in
LaurLaur04: you want us to move then?
Proteus370: no
LaurLaur04: cause we can
Proteus370: its not that
Proteus370: look
Proteus370: i back
LaurLaur04: hi
Proteus370: ya'll are killin me here
LaurLaur04: oh maybe it's you
Proteus370: look lauren, i've got some perspective here
Proteus370: i mean you know i don't pressure people to do anything
LaurLaur04: okay
Proteus370: i try to make them comfortable when i can
Proteus370: and i try to cheer people up
Proteus370: if your sad i'll try to make you happy, i'm freakin normal
LaurLaur04: alex we both like you we just don't like what you're doing and you know it, and we wish you wouldn't talk about those kind of things around us
Proteus370: then do the right thing and if it comes up again get up and leave
Proteus370: isn't that what they teach you in school
LaurLaur04: well then we will
LaurLaur04: but then agan, who are you to tell me and rachel what the right thing to do is?
Proteus370: what?
Proteus370: you have NO right making ME leave
LaurLaur04: we won't make you leave...and you'd better not ever try to make us leave cause it's not your table anymore that it is ours
Proteus370: fine then i'll leave if its yours
Proteus370: but you realize me and brian sat down there
Proteus370: to talk about things like that
LaurLaur04: i'm not asking you to do that either
LaurLaur04: next time yall talk about something like that, we'll leave
Proteus370: its a bit uncomfortable while everyone wants to know how my weekend was and i can't tell anybody
Proteus370: we have different lives hun
Proteus370: different friends
Proteus370: different everything
LaurLaur04: whatever hun, we'll sit somewhere else tomorrow if it'll make you more comfortable, since we're so different
Proteus370: inow yoru makin it sound like we're not even friends
LaurLaur04: alex i want to be friends
LaurLaur04: i really do
LaurLaur04: you're making me feel like you don't want to be
LaurLaur04: alex?
Proteus370: yes
Proteus370: can't really reply to that
Proteus370: you know i love you as a friend
Proteus370: sorta a deadstop in the conv
LaurLaur04: i'm sorry alex..i didn't mean to sound like i didn't
Proteus370: ya i know
Proteus370: just one of those deadstops
Proteus370: look - do yourself favors, go back to your table
Proteus370: i really truly prefer eating alone sometimes
Proteus370: not against ya'll
Proteus370: i just prefer it
LaurLaur04: i think that i just get upset because we care about you so much and we dont' wanna see you doing something that could hurt you
Proteus370: i just wish you realized how responsible i am, how much i control myself so and so, i mean my parents are from Nicaragua, they've had me drinkin since i was young
Proteus370: and they have me do it responsibly
Proteus370: leavin my keys
Proteus370: never getting into cars
Proteus370: not letting friends leave
Proteus370: we all have our rules
Proteus370: me russell brian
Proteus370: once russell tried leaving
Proteus370: we never let him
Proteus370: i hit em before he left
Proteus370: and he never left
Proteus370: he sorta... well
Proteus370: passed out
Proteus370: i mean i know ya'll don't like hearing about it
Proteus370: but its there
Proteus370: and you have no reason to worry about me
LaurLaur04: i guess
LaurLaur04: i'm tried to apologize and i jumped on you about it
Proteus370: its alright
Proteus370: i'll try not to let ya'll hear that stuff again
LaurLaur04: thanks
Proteus370: no guarantees
LaurLaur04: we can always just leave
Proteus370: well
Proteus370: we ok then?
LaurLaur04: yeah:-)
LaurLaur04: yeah so i got something done to my braces today..not tightened..they pull down two of my teeth 1 mm every month
LaurLaur04: it hurts soooo bad
Proteus370: ewwwwwwwwwwwwww
LaurLaur04: i can feel the teeth move down and the gums tearing when the pull them
LaurLaur04: it HURTS
Proteus370: ouch
Proteus370: a lot
LaurLaur04: oh yeah
Proteus370: i'm gona jet
Proteus370: talk to you lata
Proteus370: =)
LaurLaur04: bye
Proteus370: adios
Proteus370 signed off at 6:14:18 PM.