LaurLaur04: where'd you go?
Rachel Angel86: i dunno
: oh ok
LaurLaur04: sooo what's up?
Rachel Angel86: anyway
: yeah
Rachel Angel86: why were you telling me about that?
: i was making conversation
Rachel Angel86: oh
: ..?
Rachel Angel86: ?whats wrong?
: i dunno
Rachel Angel86: ok
: blah blah i'm skippin church tomorrow cause i'm so tired
Rachel Angel86: then how come you arent asleep now?
: i dunno
LaurLaur04: i can't pull myself offline
Rachel Angel86: well that's a good reason......
Rachel Angel86
: that why im here
: yeah
Rachel Angel86: what is we love you phil from?
LaurLaur04: the newsboys concert
Rachel Angel86: oh
LaurLaur04: yep
LaurLaur04: so what's up?
Rachel Angel86: no a whole lot just kinda being bummed out
LaurLaur04: yeah?
Rachel Angel86: yes
LaurLaur04: i'm sorry
Rachel Angel86: ya well
LaurLaur04: ?
Rachel Angel86: ... there's nothing you can do about it
LaurLaur04: did i do somethign wrong?
Rachel Angel86: um. not really. it's just something that everyone does without realizing it.
LaurLaur04: are you mad cause we didn't invite you to movies?
Rachel Angel86: it's more of a "big picture" thing; not one specific thing like that
LaurLaur04: okay..i don't want you to take this the wrong way here, but you don't seem to understand that not everything i/we do has to include everyone
Rachel Angel86: know what? i didnt say it did. and i do not think that it does. and there is no "other way" to take that, it was just rude and i'd prefer not get advice from you about it because you don't know even what's wrong... so thanks for trying but that's not going to help. i'll talk to you after i get over this because i don't feel like arguing at this point and also dont feel the need to get a friend mad at me
Rachel Angel86: so good night. i'll talk to you whenever
LaurLaur04: all right bye
Rachel Angel86 signed off at 10:58:12 PM.