PiNE E420: hey
LaurLaur04: hey
LaurLaur04: who is this?
PiNE E420: fuck your religion
LaurLaur04: i'm really sorry to hear your say that
PiNE E420: im jewish
LaurLaur04: i know
PiNE E420: look at yourprofile
PiNE E420: god this god that
PiNE E420: you dont nee to tell everyone whats right and wrong we really dont care
LaurLaur04: i see.....a quote from a song and a quote from a singer
LaurLaur04: funny you should be mad about me writing something about God..since Jews believe in the same God
PiNE E420: boys are bad god is good?????? sounds like some one is a puritan
LaurLaur04: nope
PiNE E420: no my god is better tan yours
LaurLaur04: they're the same God
PiNE E420: shut up mine is better
LaurLaur04: listen, you asked for information, i gave it to you, and you said you didn't want to talk to me anymore. so keep it that way okay?
PiNE E420 signed on at 12:34:30 AM.
PiNE E420: im kates friend not kate
LaurLaur04: all right.
PiNE E420: my gods better than yours
LaurLaur04: you keep saying that
PiNE E420: your god is a japanese whore
LaurLaur04: listen, i don't understand why you're doing this, but i'm asking you to stop
PiNE E420: in the name of god?
LaurLaur04: no, i'm just asking you
PiNE E420: asking in the name of god?
LaurLaur04: no