Banshee1386: Shalom my sister!!!!
LaurLaur04: hi
Banshee1386: wow i cant belive there is a jewish person in texas
Banshee1386: i think thats really great
Banshee1386: what temple do you belong to?
LaurLaur04: hm?
Banshee1386: what temple?
LaurLaur04: none
Banshee1386: oh
Banshee1386: so your not orthodox
Banshee1386: when did you have your bat mitzvah
LaurLaur04: kate what are you talking about? you know i'm not Jewish...
Banshee1386: youre not?
Banshee1386: i thought you were
LaurLaur04: why?
Banshee1386: i dunno
LaurLaur04: dad is Jewish...
Banshee1386: is he?
Banshee1386: well then youre jewish
Banshee1386: so what the heck are you talking about
LaurLaur04: no i'm not..
Banshee1386: weiner is a very jewish last name
Banshee1386: you know what
Banshee1386: there are always these people
Banshee1386: saying i should convert
LaurLaur04: uh-huh?
Banshee1386: but i think you should just stick to what you believe in
Banshee1386: yknow
Banshee1386: i mean
Banshee1386: how would you react if someone you didnt even know thought you should convert
LaurLaur04: yeah...a lot of the Jewish beliefs sound much more...i guess comfortable to me than Christian beliefs...but yeah i'm a Christian
Banshee1386: how crazy and incredibly ignorant that is
LaurLaur04: mormons i don't know try to convert me
Banshee1386: mormons try to convert everybody
LaurLaur04: because it is a mormon's purpose of life to convert everyone into mormonism
LaurLaur04: mmhm
Banshee1386: and you know how bad that feels
LaurLaur04: mormons are crazyyyyyy
LaurLaur04: they think they can be God
Banshee1386: when someone tries to change who you are
Banshee1386: yeah people trying to convert think they can be god
Banshee1386: even though no one would ever give a shit about anything they say
Banshee1386: btw thanks for the shirt
LaurLaur04: the kick some butt shirt?
LaurLaur04: from value village?
Banshee1386: yeah
Banshee1386: its really really
Banshee1386: cook
LaurLaur04: heh
LaurLaur04: i love value village
Banshee1386: yeah sounds like something i would like
Banshee1386: no but
Banshee1386: check this
LaurLaur04: what?
Banshee1386: i dont know if this has ever happened to you but
Banshee1386: i get it all the time
Banshee1386: imagine
Banshee1386: i went up to you
Banshee1386: and said
Banshee1386: you should be jewish
LaurLaur04: i'd ask if you've been talking to my uncle
Banshee1386: Or said i think you should be convert
Banshee1386: but say i hadnt spoken to your uncle
Banshee1386: just whatever sparked in my mind
Banshee1386: how would you feel about that?
Banshee1386: how would you feel about me?
Banshee1386: be honest
LaurLaur04: i don't know why you think i'm trying to convert you
Banshee1386: did i say that
LaurLaur04: you've implied it
Banshee1386: im just asking you if you knew what i was talking about
Banshee1386: i havent implied it
Banshee1386: youd know if i was implying
Banshee1386: the implications have yet to be smoken
Banshee1386: spoken
LaurLaur04: well i'm not
Banshee1386: well i didnt say you did
LaurLaur04: okay, and i'm telling you i'm not
Banshee1386: but what would you think of me if i thought you should be jewish
Banshee1386: ok and im telling you that i just want you to hear me out
Banshee1386: youre the one alluding the answer
Banshee1386: im still waiting
LaurLaur04: i would think you're devoted to your religion and trying to get other people to be your religion. it's common enough for me, my family does it semi-frequently. and then there's the mormons. of course, it isn't in the Jewish religion to get people to convert....
LaurLaur04: (hey off the subject..but go here)
Banshee1386: dont think so i have better things to do
LaurLaur04: ok
Banshee1386: but be honest
Banshee1386: wouldnt you like it if i converted
Banshee1386: wouldnt you like me a little more
LaurLaur04: no...
Banshee1386: wouldnt you
Banshee1386: i know id like you a little more if you were jewish
LaurLaur04: NO i wouldn't
LaurLaur04: well that's special isn't it.
Banshee1386: we'd agree on a few more things
Banshee1386: yeah cause i wanna tell you a secret
LaurLaur04: go for it.
Banshee1386: nah
LaurLaur04: whatever i'm not dying to hear
Banshee1386: lucky for you
Banshee1386: yes alright
Banshee1386: but
Banshee1386: try to convert me
LaurLaur04: why?
Banshee1386: ive been thinking about the christian religion for a while
Banshee1386: i dunno
Banshee1386: dont tell kristin
Banshee1386: i didnt want to let on
Banshee1386: but i dont know
LaurLaur04: okay i won't
LaurLaur04: let on what?
Banshee1386: i like the whole savior aspect
LaurLaur04: it's a good feeling
Banshee1386: having something tangeable to believe in
Banshee1386: yeah
Banshee1386: enlighten me
Banshee1386: hello
LaurLaur04: um, i don't really know what to tell you....i don't think this is my "spiritual gift". but all i can think to say is that it's good to know that someone cared enough to die for you, and that all your sins are completely wiped away.
Banshee1386: are there any "rules"
Banshee1386: in terms of stuff you can and cant do/be
LaurLaur04: like what?
Banshee1386: like not the ten commandments
Banshee1386: but stuff like that
LaurLaur04: i don't know..there's things throughout the whole Bible that tell you that certain things are pre-maritial sex and getting drunk
Banshee1386: im a lesbian
Banshee1386: is that a no no
Banshee1386: cause i kinda heard about something like that from this guy i know
Banshee1386: is that a sin
LaurLaur04: is but Jesus died for your sins so overall you're gonna be okay
Banshee1386: so it is a sin?
Banshee1386: so right now
Banshee1386: im sinning if im doing something to a girl
LaurLaur04: according to the Bible, yes
LaurLaur04: do you want me to give you verses?
Banshee1386: yeah
LaurLaur04: okay there's actually a verse in Leviticus, which is in the Torah
Banshee1386: i know
Banshee1386: is being jewish a sin?
LaurLaur04: not that i can say...but i'm pretty sure not believing in Jesus isn't a good thing
"Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable." Leviticus 18:22

Banshee1386: hmm
Banshee1386: so im detestable
Banshee1386: gee
Banshee1386: so basically in contradiction
LaurLaur04: yeah i know it isn't the best thing to hear....but it's not just Christianity that's saying that it's in your book too
Banshee1386: just as a hypothetical situation
Banshee1386: yes but you should know that jews dont have sins or hell
Banshee1386: or heaven
LaurLaur04: right i know
LaurLaur04: but it still says it's a bad thing
Banshee1386: so it doesnt matter whether we do it or not
Banshee1386: and its technically not a sin
LaurLaur04: but if God told you not to...don't you think it's best to listen?
Banshee1386: because it doesnt say its a sin its just detestable
Banshee1386: yes god also says
Banshee1386: dont shave
LaurLaur04: but do you want to do something that God deems detestable?
Banshee1386: dont have your period for it is "filthy"
LaurLaur04: hm?
Banshee1386: we all do things that god deems detestable
Banshee1386: everybody does
LaurLaur04: yeah, because nobody is perfect
Banshee1386: aha!
LaurLaur04: but if you can choose whether or not to do things got deems detestable..shouldn't you choose not to do them?
Banshee1386: so whats one thing that god says is detestable and i do it
Banshee1386: you drink wine at a service
Banshee1386: youre not supposed to drink
LaurLaur04: yes Jesus drank wine as well
LaurLaur04: it doesn't say not to drink
LaurLaur04: it says not to get drunk
LaurLaur04: there's a big difference
LaurLaur04: the biggest thing to remember is that yes, you've sinned, but that Jesus died for your sins and they are wiped away
Banshee1386: but but hypothetically
Banshee1386: im a lesbian
Banshee1386: it doesnt matter because jesus died for my sins
Banshee1386: therefor im doing alright
LaurLaur04: um..i guess to put it very harshly
LaurLaur04: but you have to accept Jesus as your can't go half way with it
Banshee1386: you have been putting it that way for the past twenty minutes
Banshee1386: ok
LaurLaur04: ok?
Banshee1386: so say iaccept J as my savior right
Banshee1386: but im still a lesbian
Banshee1386: but its cool cause J died
LaurLaur04: J..that's interesting. if you recognize that it's a sin and you ask for forgiveness...
Banshee1386: for my sins
LaurLaur04: yes
Banshee1386: hmm
Banshee1386: I call him J because I feel its respectable
Banshee1386: but i got to tell you something
Banshee1386: as much as i tried
Banshee1386: and as much as i wanted to
Banshee1386: I really really dont like you
Banshee1386: just thats all there is to it
LaurLaur04: i don't really understand why
Banshee1386: sucks things didnt work out
LaurLaur04: hm
Banshee1386: well maybe its a clash of life styles
LaurLaur04: guess so
Banshee1386: my beliefs vs yours
Banshee1386: and the stuff you do
LaurLaur04: stuff i do?
Banshee1386: vs the cool stuff i do
LaurLaur04: like what?
Banshee1386: yeah
Banshee1386: in terms of
Banshee1386: music or whatever
Banshee1386: but im not going to talk to you anymore
Banshee1386: no
Banshee1386: i dont think i will
Banshee1386: later
LaurLaur04: it's hard for me to understand not liking someone because of music choices
LaurLaur04: okay...
LaurLaur04: bye
Banshee1386 signed off at 12:24:23 AM.