LaurLaur04: i am back
KK2285: oh
LaurLaur04: oh?
KK2285: ugh i want to go tan
LaurLaur04: so go tan
KK2285: not quite sunny enough
LaurLaur04: oh okay
LaurLaur04: i haven't been outside
LaurLaur04: ooh ooh! i had an emotional breakdown this morning i forgot to tell you
KK2285: oh really...i like how everyone relates emotional breakdowns to me
LaurLaur04: what do you mean?
KK2285: haha nevermind
LaurLaur04: new color time
KK2285: oh boy
LaurLaur04: oh yes
LaurLaur04: okay how does this sound:
3:00 to 7:00 free time
7:00 to 9:00 homework, and when i finish i can go back to free time

LaurLaur04: on mondays, i do my homework right away so i can go to metro
KK2285: i say get your homework over with first
LaurLaur04: do you practice what you preach?
KK2285: is that a rhetorical question
LaurLaur04: no
KK2285: if thats sarcasm then you can just screw off!!!!! i try my freakin hardest
LaurLaur04: dude i'm just askin if you get your homework over with first
KK2285: i attempt to but i get many interuptions from random people calling
LaurLaur04: yes..
LaurLaur04: well
LaurLaur04: with my little "plan" it lets me do my homework first if i want to
LaurLaur04: cause i don't have to drop everything at 7 if i have it all done
KK2285: im reprioritizing
LaurLaur04: really?
KK2285: yeah its my goal for the new 6 weeks
LaurLaur04: my goal is all a's
KK2285: yeah that was and still is mine
LaurLaur04: cool
LaurLaur04: i'm dropping my professional tutor lady
LaurLaur04: after tutoring with her, i still made bad grades and after tutoring with cam i had an 88
LaurLaur04: he helped me a lot more than she did
KK2285: oh
LaurLaur04: yep
LaurLaur04: did beth call you?
KK2285: just gonna try to stay out of this because ive already told you how i felt about him and i warned you
KK2285: its raining 16 year old boys on my street!
LaurLaur04: is it raining men?
KK2285: 16 year old men
LaurLaur04: lol
KK2285: oh gosh i bet theres another one just sec
LaurLaur04: okay...
KK2285: nope there isnt
LaurLaur04: hm
KK2285: man i love seeing them
LaurLaur04: tell me about this
KK2285: the people across the street are selling a lot of cars and the guys come and look and this blue mustang that they're selling
LaurLaur04: you should go look at it
KK2285: i dont like it
KK2285: its really old
LaurLaur04: how old is it?
KK2285: i have no idea
LaurLaur04: my computer is making random noises
KK2285: are you gonna take tutoring with cam?
LaurLaur04: yeah
KK2285: haha
KK2285: ha
LaurLaur04: what?
KK2285: at where?
LaurLaur04: who knows
KK2285: hmm well facinating
LaurLaur04: i know you say he's mean and all that, and if he ever starts being mean then i'll stop getting tutoring but he helped me a lot, and for a third of the price that the other lady was charging
KK2285: how do you know you just didnt understand the math crap better the whole time?
LaurLaur04: i guess i don't, but when i got tutoring from cam, my grade went up. when i got tutoring from the other lady, my grade didn't. and when i don't have tutoring at all, my grade goes down.
KK2285: im just saying that he gives you the allusion that he helps the first time but after he knows that you believe in him and his help he will sorta slack off
LaurLaur04: well thanks for the warning, then
KK2285: whatever lauren...if you trusted me then you would LISTEN to what i've told you a thousand times, but you know you're welcome for the warning
LaurLaur04: mm hm
KK2285: i dont care if you're on cam's side cause i know you are and i also know you're not listening to a word i say but fine lauren just remeber i warned you the whole time
LaurLaur04: cam's side of what?
KK2285: cams side of everything! "you know karen you did sorta lead him on" "karen he doest insult you!" he never hinted that if you didnt understand that you were stupid
LaurLaur04: i'm not on "cam's side" and i don't understand why you're picking a fight here..
KK2285: look im not picking a fight im trying to tell you that you can find a better tutor and you arent listening
LaurLaur04: well for right now cam's working out fine for me and if he ever isn't, then you can say your little "i told you so" okay?
KK2285: gosh lauren i dont say "i told you so"...and maybe you dont realize but you do take cams side
LaurLaur04: no, i don't realize it, because it isn't true, and if you aren't trying to pick a fight then won't you just drop this like you said you were going to?
KK2285: gosh lauren you've had like one tutoring thing with the heck would you know how things with tutoring are going
LaurLaur04: karen please stop
KK2285: you do take sides with him all the time...karen you led him on....karen thats not him being possive of you
LaurLaur04: karen
KK2285: whatever lauren im going tanning bye
LaurLaur04: okay bye
KK2285 signed off at 3:44:05 PM.
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