LaurLaur04: heyyyy
m3ntaL: hey
m3ntaL: sup?
LaurLaur04: nothingggg you?
m3ntaL: working on my layout
LaurLaur04: fun stuff
m3ntaL: u?
LaurLaur04: you already asked
m3ntaL: soooooo
m3ntaL: im asking again!
LaurLaur04: umm nothing really i just got back online and i have nothing to do
m3ntaL: oic
m3ntaL: this new layout is taking me forever to get right
m3ntaL: i want it to be perfect
m3ntaL: and its very close
LaurLaur04: awesome
LaurLaur04: perfect like our girl scout webpage
LaurLaur04: heh heh
LaurLaur04: it's classic
m3ntaL: yes
m3ntaL: sure is
LaurLaur04: everybody loves it
m3ntaL: yeah..
LaurLaur04: heyyyy tell me about paintball
LaurLaur04: lauren wants details
m3ntaL: like when it is?
LaurLaur04: when is it, who's coming, etc
m3ntaL: oh
LaurLaur04: oh?
m3ntaL: youd be da only girl
m3ntaL: there
m3ntaL: yup
LaurLaur04: that's pretty fun
m3ntaL: ok
LaurLaur04: ok?
m3ntaL: meh family hasnt talked about when yet
LaurLaur04: woah hold on hair is going up
m3ntaL: ok..
LaurLaur04: okay it's up
LaurLaur04: okay so who all is coming?
m3ntaL: ok..
LaurLaur04: ?
m3ntaL:, grayson, travis, jack, tony, my karate friend, and maybe you...
m3ntaL: i think that all
m3ntaL: thats*
LaurLaur04: i overcame my fear of paintball
LaurLaur04: who's tony?
m3ntaL: tony...tony kim....little korean kid
LaurLaur04: yessss he's in my geography class
m3ntaL: ok
LaurLaur04: okay so lauren knows everyone except the karate kid
LaurLaur04: she can deal with that
m3ntaL: yup
LaurLaur04: it's too damn hot for a penguin to be just walkin around
m3ntaL: umm
LaurLaur04: umm???
LaurLaur04: you don't know what i'm talking about?
m3ntaL: nope
LaurLaur04: Billy Madison?
m3ntaL: ummmm
m3ntaL: no..
LaurLaur04: DUDE only the BEST movie!
LaurLaur04: dude you gotta rent that
LaurLaur04: it's soooooooo funny
m3ntaL: ok.
LaurLaur04: i don't know anyone who hasn't seen that movie...
LaurLaur04: cept you and Jack i think
LaurLaur04: anyways i'm proud of myself for overcoming my fear
m3ntaL: thats good
m3ntaL: so your coming?
LaurLaur04: yessss i am i just need to know when
m3ntaL: ok
LaurLaur04: ...?
m3ntaL: i dont know when yet
LaurLaur04: oh ok
LaurLaur04: heyyy so what do you want for you bday?
LaurLaur04: i gotta plan
m3ntaL: a plan?
LaurLaur04: no i *have got to* plan
m3ntaL: oh
m3ntaL: well i dont want anything specific that i can think of right now
LaurLaur04: hm
m3ntaL: jus get me like a gift certificate or something
LaurLaur04: to where?
m3ntaL: ummm
m3ntaL: best buy
m3ntaL: :]
m3ntaL: ill ask for like a bunch of those
LaurLaur04: hah
LaurLaur04: ok maybe
m3ntaL: then buy something big
LaurLaur04: ok
m3ntaL: yup
LaurLaur04: i like veggie tales
m3ntaL: ehhh
LaurLaur04: no?
m3ntaL: no
m3ntaL: those things scare me
LaurLaur04: hah
LaurLaur04: i'll get you some veggie tales for your birthday
m3ntaL: >:-o
LaurLaur04: heh
LaurLaur04: i like the hard core college student fans
LaurLaur04: there's a live Audio Adrenaline concert and they sing the Hairbrush Songs, and the crowd is like "Go Junior!" and "Yeah Bob the Tomato!"
LaurLaur04: it's great
m3ntaL: hah-u need to get me some pink slippers :]
LaurLaur04: do i?
m3ntaL: <:-o
m3ntaL: yeah
LaurLaur04: why's that?
m3ntaL: remember that time that u went to the mall for like choir or something and u got pink slippers
LaurLaur04: yes i do
LaurLaur04: they're nice
m3ntaL: and i was slippers are cool...
m3ntaL: and then u said something
LaurLaur04: ohhhhhhhhh right
m3ntaL: but i dont remember what it was
LaurLaur04: me neither
LaurLaur04: i just vaguely remember the conversation
LaurLaur04: yesss well maybe
m3ntaL: yes
m3ntaL: better than veggie tales >:-o
LaurLaur04: hah
LaurLaur04: i have nothing to do online
m3ntaL: dude
m3ntaL: i cant walk
LaurLaur04: ?
m3ntaL: someone kicked me on my thigh at karate last night
m3ntaL: now i cant walk
LaurLaur04: hm
LaurLaur04: that's not good
m3ntaL: nope
m3ntaL: i kicked ass last night
m3ntaL: it was fun
m3ntaL: we have this game called round robin...
LaurLaur04: ok?
m3ntaL: ....and one person stays in the middle and there are 4 or 5 ppl outside surounding the person in the middle....
m3ntaL: ....and theres a black belt outside the ring that calls the numbers of the ppl outside the ring....
m3ntaL: and when yo numba gets called u go in the ring and kick the other persons ass
LaurLaur04: sounds great
m3ntaL: it was fun
m3ntaL: cept i was first to be in the middle
m3ntaL: but i still kicked ass
m3ntaL: :]
LaurLaur04: awesome
m3ntaL: yesh
m3ntaL: yeah*
LaurLaur04: yep
m3ntaL: me and my karate friend went all out on each other
m3ntaL: it was fun
m3ntaL: we used like half of the room
m3ntaL: hehe
m3ntaL: he bounced off the wall a couple of times
m3ntaL: but then my dad got mad cuz we were hitting too hard
LaurLaur04: hm
LaurLaur04: i want a punching bag
LaurLaur04: my parents say i wont' use it
LaurLaur04: but i will
m3ntaL: i gots one of those
m3ntaL: in my parents room
LaurLaur04: fun stuff
LaurLaur04: i don't know where i'd put
m3ntaL: it hurts
LaurLaur04: don't talk me out of it
LaurLaur04: people are trying to talk me out of paintball
LaurLaur04: and i won't let them
m3ntaL: no u should get one of those boxing dummies
m3ntaL: hahaha
m3ntaL: like who?
LaurLaur04: ah like random people in my classes
m3ntaL: oic
m3ntaL: were they all girls
m3ntaL: ?
LaurLaur04: nope
m3ntaL: lol
LaurLaur04: ?
m3ntaL: nuthin..
m3ntaL: im glad u decided to go
m3ntaL: its soooo much fun
m3ntaL: and it only hurts for a couple of seconds
LaurLaur04: yeah?
LaurLaur04: wellll i'm hopin' so
m3ntaL: yup
LaurLaur04: yeah i think it'll be fun
LaurLaur04: hah i think my dad is trying to talk me out of it too
LaurLaur04: hah that's great
m3ntaL: hehe
LaurLaur04: so what's up?
m3ntaL: im watching some show
m3ntaL: with a fag
m3ntaL: no
m3ntaL: 2 fags
LaurLaur04: Will and Grace?
m3ntaL: yeah
LaurLaur04: fun stuff
m3ntaL: *changes channel*
LaurLaur04: no like will and grace?
m3ntaL: nah
m3ntaL: not a big fan
LaurLaur04: yep
m3ntaL: brb
LaurLaur04: k
m3ntaL: back
LaurLaur04: hi
m3ntaL: hi
m3ntaL: howdy howdy.....howdy hi......howdy ho......howdy how...good evening
LaurLaur04: yes
LaurLaur04: you too
m3ntaL wants to directly connect.
m3ntaL is now directly connected.
LaurLaur04: i got my choir pictures in
m3ntaL: cool
LaurLaur04: fun
m3ntaL: changing the name
m3ntaL: same logo
LaurLaur04: yeah
LaurLaur04: dpp
LaurLaur04: hm
m3ntaL: yup
LaurLaur04: time for some Less Than Jake
LaurLaur04: i found some clean Less Than Jake
m3ntaL: cool
LaurLaur04: yeah i'm proud of myself
m3ntaL: you should be
m3ntaL: im connecting to napster
LaurLaur04: have fun
m3ntaL: its going to be a pay thing
LaurLaur04: pay thing?
m3ntaL: yup
m3ntaL: like pay money for songs u d/l
m3ntaL: i think it should be like software u purchase in the store
LaurLaur04: hm.
LaurLaur04: lauren no like pay for napster
m3ntaL: nope
m3ntaL: who would?
LaurLaur04: the music people
m3ntaL: true
LaurLaur04: don't you love our freakish dresses?
m3ntaL: :p
LaurLaur04: aren't they great?
m3ntaL: they look like weeds
LaurLaur04: i know
LaurLaur04: ah they're great
LaurLaur04: i liked last years
LaurLaur04: they were nice
m3ntaL: they were?
m3ntaL: the jr high ones?
LaurLaur04: yes
LaurLaur04: they weren't so...
LaurLaur04: poofy?
m3ntaL: heh
m3ntaL: poofy is fun
LaurLaur04: hm.
LaurLaur04: great fun
LaurLaur04: the guys get it easy
m3ntaL: me and grayson would play with natalies poofs
LaurLaur04: tux
LaurLaur04: that's it
LaurLaur04: just a tux
m3ntaL: it was fun
LaurLaur04: and that little comment of yours sounded soooo wrong
m3ntaL: it was
m3ntaL: now we dont play with her poofs anymore :'[
m3ntaL: ask grayson about it
LaurLaur04: ok
m3ntaL: he should remember
m3ntaL: he started the madness
LaurLaur04: okay
LaurLaur04: i think it was josh that would freak out about the poofy sleeves
LaurLaur04: he'd make them more poofy for us
m3ntaL: oic
LaurLaur04: yes
LaurLaur04: there are pictures on our gs webpage
m3ntaL: cool
LaurLaur04: yes
m3ntaL: whats the link?
LaurLaur04: all text was dictated
m3ntaL: crap monkey
LaurLaur04: ?
m3ntaL: my new contact likes to fall out whenever it feels like it
LaurLaur04: that's how mine were in 7th grade or whatever
LaurLaur04: no 8th
LaurLaur04: whatever
LaurLaur04: it was because they didn't fit
m3ntaL: did u have the disposable?
LaurLaur04: yeah
LaurLaur04: heyyy download "The Scotsman" by Dr. Demento
m3ntaL: what kinda music is it?
LaurLaur04: it's...
LaurLaur04: i dunno
LaurLaur04: not really music
LaurLaur04: you have to listen to the lyrics
LaurLaur04: it fun
m3ntaL: : /
LaurLaur04: it's great
m3ntaL: ok
m3ntaL: ok
LaurLaur04: ok
m3ntaL: k
m3ntaL: damn
m3ntaL: super slow tonight
LaurLaur04: yes
LaurLaur04: i'm going to value village tomorrow
m3ntaL: fun fun
LaurLaur04: yes
m3ntaL: is that like a thrift store or something?
LaurLaur04: yesss it is
LaurLaur04: i've never been
LaurLaur04: it'll be great
m3ntaL direct connection is closed.
LaurLaur04: me and kk and becca are going
LaurLaur04: we went to dairy queen today
LaurLaur04: we took kev
LaurLaur04: for his birthday
m3ntaL: you should take my mom to value village
LaurLaur04: why's that?
m3ntaL: shes OBSESSED with those damn thrift stores
LaurLaur04: hah
m3ntaL: but she gets like all this really expensive stuff for like 5 bucks
LaurLaur04: yep
m3ntaL: like armani suits for like 10 bucks
m3ntaL: kick ass
LaurLaur04: ya know JJ's pants for the Nsync dance?
m3ntaL: umm
LaurLaur04: no?
LaurLaur04: oh well
m3ntaL: no?
LaurLaur04: they're awesome
LaurLaur04: they were $1.20 at Value Village
m3ntaL: cool
LaurLaur04: yeah
m3ntaL: what do they look like?
LaurLaur04: i dunno..they're awesome though
LaurLaur04: brb
m3ntaL: ok
LaurLaur04: ok i'm back
LaurLaur04: i still have a fever
LaurLaur04: i feel non sick
LaurLaur04: it's like 100.5
m3ntaL: !
LaurLaur04: ?
m3ntaL: did u go to school today?
LaurLaur04: yeah but not yesterday
m3ntaL: hm...
LaurLaur04: yeah well:-)
LaurLaur04: i want my exemptions
m3ntaL: ok
LaurLaur04: yessss
LaurLaur04: i'm not gonna do anything for my birthay
LaurLaur04: *birthday
m3ntaL: why not?
LaurLaur04: cause i don't know what to do
LaurLaur04: any ideas?
m3ntaL: movie?
LaurLaur04: maybe
m3ntaL: what do you want for yo b-day?
LaurLaur04: "yo b-day"
LaurLaur04: i dunno
m3ntaL: yup
LaurLaur04: dude i don't knoooowwww
m3ntaL: dont know what?
LaurLaur04: what i wanna do
m3ntaL: what to do?
LaurLaur04: yeah
LaurLaur04: i could invite lots of randoms over to my house and turn on the music channels on the digital cable and get lots of stupid presents and have lots of meaningless talk
m3ntaL: yeah
m3ntaL: party!
LaurLaur04: but that would mean my parents would have to be constantly hovering everywhere and i like my parents away from my birthday parties
m3ntaL: yeah
m3ntaL: i hate that too
LaurLaur04: yeah
m3ntaL: thats why i havent had a party the last 2 years
m3ntaL: or was it 3
m3ntaL: oh well
LaurLaur04: hm
LaurLaur04: wow
m3ntaL: yup
LaurLaur04: last year...
LaurLaur04: ah right
LaurLaur04: we went shoppin last year
LaurLaur04: girls night at katy mills
LaurLaur04: 7th grade was laser quest and then sleepover
m3ntaL: fun
LaurLaur04: and 6th grade...umm..oh yeah...we went to cy fair roller rink or something, then we saw titanic
LaurLaur04: yep
LaurLaur04: so i've had three
LaurLaur04: so i can skip on this year
m3ntaL: ok
LaurLaur04: yeah
LaurLaur04: maybe i can force people to take me to random places after school
LaurLaur04: my friends are up to randomness
m3ntaL: uhhh
LaurLaur04: ?
m3ntaL: that sounds scary
LaurLaur04: okay
m3ntaL: yup
LaurLaur04: in 5th grade i went to new york with kristin prasifka for our birthdays
LaurLaur04: that was a nice birthday
LaurLaur04: but she lagged behind
m3ntaL: cool
LaurLaur04: she never wanted to do anything
m3ntaL: hm
LaurLaur04: her favorite event was the horse drawn carraige through the Park because she got to sit down
m3ntaL: i dont like new york
m3ntaL: too cold
LaurLaur04: ???
LaurLaur04: oh you get used to that
LaurLaur04: just go in the summer
LaurLaur04: it's hot there in the summer
m3ntaL: i went when i was like 8
LaurLaur04: aww you don't remember it
m3ntaL: and it was during the summer
LaurLaur04: you have to go again
m3ntaL: and it was cold
LaurLaur04: you went at the wrong time
m3ntaL: and there was tthis strip club next to our hotel
LaurLaur04: well...
m3ntaL: and i got to flag down a cab
m3ntaL: it was fun
LaurLaur04: geez where exactly were you staying?
LaurLaur04: you ride cabs?
LaurLaur04: that lets natives know you are a tourist
m3ntaL: double tree
m3ntaL: yes
LaurLaur04: no which dugout?
m3ntaL: dont want to drive around wiht a tx plate
m3ntaL: dugout?
LaurLaur04: Bronx?
LaurLaur04: Queens?
m3ntaL: oh
LaurLaur04: Those are bad places
m3ntaL: i have no idea
LaurLaur04: stick to Manhattan
m3ntaL: grayson wants to live in ny
m3ntaL: in a penthouse
m3ntaL: and drive 10 luxury cars
LaurLaur04: has he been?
LaurLaur04: big plans
LaurLaur04: what's he gonna be?
m3ntaL: he said for like a very short time
m3ntaL: an engineer
m3ntaL: AND an architech
LaurLaur04: good luck grayson
m3ntaL: poor kid
m3ntaL: doesnt have a clue
LaurLaur04: i wanna raise someone like estella to get revenge against men
m3ntaL: revenge?
LaurLaur04: yes
LaurLaur04: you're reading great expectations aren't you?
m3ntaL: nope
LaurLaur04: oh that's too bad
LaurLaur04: you'd like it
LaurLaur04: heh heh
m3ntaL: my teachers a slacker
LaurLaur04: who's that?
m3ntaL: why do u say i would like it?
m3ntaL: mrs pujats
LaurLaur04: you wouldn't i'm sure
LaurLaur04: you'd hate it
LaurLaur04: i hate it
LaurLaur04: everyone hates it
m3ntaL: yeah
LaurLaur04: but i like estella
LaurLaur04: she's very blunt
m3ntaL: ok
LaurLaur04: yes
LaurLaur04: anyways
m3ntaL: im listining to japanese music
LaurLaur04: hm
LaurLaur04: i like the paintball in the 10 Things I Hate About You movie
LaurLaur04: non painful
m3ntaL: im holding my gun right now
m3ntaL: its big :]
LaurLaur04: hm
LaurLaur04: travis said i dont' want to ever play against you if you have your gun
m3ntaL: : /
m3ntaL: why did he say that?
m3ntaL: cuz i want an 18 inch barrel?
LaurLaur04: he says the guns they give you don't hurt too bad but good guns (like yours) do
m3ntaL: nah
m3ntaL: the one you'll get curves up then drops down
m3ntaL: same pain
LaurLaur04: and then Lauren remembered when Jake said she could use his gun
m3ntaL: mine would just be more accurate
m3ntaL: yes
m3ntaL: when lauren goes by herself
m3ntaL: hehe
LaurLaur04: hah
LaurLaur04: mean
m3ntaL: :]
m3ntaL: ill let u use it on one game'
m3ntaL: just one!
LaurLaur04: woah how many games are we playin?
m3ntaL: i dunno
m3ntaL: maybe 3
m3ntaL: or 4
LaurLaur04: wow
LaurLaur04: welll thanks
m3ntaL: :]
m3ntaL: cant just play one game u know
m3ntaL: you can be on my team
m3ntaL: so i dont hurt u too bad
m3ntaL: then u would get mad at me
m3ntaL: and i wouldnt want that
m3ntaL: :]
LaurLaur04: :-)
m3ntaL: oh there might be one other girl there
m3ntaL: but u dont know her
LaurLaur04: who's that?
LaurLaur04: oh ok
m3ntaL: my cousin :[
LaurLaur04: age?
m3ntaL: 14
LaurLaur04: ok we can bond
m3ntaL: ok
LaurLaur04: we can kick all the guys butts
m3ntaL: yes yall would bond well
LaurLaur04: would we
m3ntaL: yeah
LaurLaur04: why's that?
m3ntaL: hmm
m3ntaL: well
LaurLaur04: new color
m3ntaL: being the only 2 girls
LaurLaur04: true
m3ntaL: lack of bonding options
m3ntaL: :]
LaurLaur04: hah
LaurLaur04: heyyy how's the land doing?
LaurLaur04: i haven't heard much about it
m3ntaL: i havent been going out there
m3ntaL: my dads gonna build a shop
LaurLaur04: shop?
m3ntaL: and like higher handicapped ppl
LaurLaur04: ?
m3ntaL: and make them weld
m3ntaL: : /
m3ntaL: that dont look right
LaurLaur04: ?????
LaurLaur04: i'm confused
m3ntaL: yup
m3ntaL: brb
LaurLaur04: ok
m3ntaL: back
LaurLaur04: hi
m3ntaL: howdy
LaurLaur04: howdy
LaurLaur04: what's up?
m3ntaL: looking at 16 inch barrels
LaurLaur04: heyyy i know what lauren needs for her birthday
LaurLaur04: surprise party!
m3ntaL: whats that?
LaurLaur04: yay!
m3ntaL: : /
LaurLaur04: no planning on lauren's part AT ALL
LaurLaur04: that works
m3ntaL: ok...
LaurLaur04: i need to tell karen tomorrow
LaurLaur04: brb
m3ntaL: ok
LaurLaur04: i'm back
m3ntaL: hi
LaurLaur04: hi
m3ntaL: yeah
m3ntaL: hi..
LaurLaur04: yep
LaurLaur04: waving is weird
m3ntaL: it is?
LaurLaur04: yeah
LaurLaur04: think abou tit
LaurLaur04: *about it
m3ntaL: how?
LaurLaur04: it's just..weird
LaurLaur04: throwing your hand around in a form of greeting
m3ntaL: well lots of things are weird if u think about
m3ntaL: it
LaurLaur04: oh i know
LaurLaur04: but waving is my latest weird thing
m3ntaL: ok
m3ntaL: when did it become so popular on your weird list?
LaurLaur04: last weekend
m3ntaL: hm
LaurLaur04: i might go to mexico this summer
m3ntaL: ah
m3ntaL: mexico is fun
LaurLaur04: yeah
m3ntaL: i like to buy stuff there
LaurLaur04: hm
m3ntaL: its like cheap
m3ntaL: and legal
LaurLaur04: did you get sick?
m3ntaL: no
m3ntaL: i didnt drink the water
LaurLaur04: ah
LaurLaur04: i won't really have a choice
m3ntaL: yes u will
LaurLaur04: cause if i go i'm going w/ a mission trip
m3ntaL: take lots of bottled water
m3ntaL: or one of those filters
LaurLaur04: i don't know really what we're allowed to take
LaurLaur04: i'll be going with Liz and Nate Finch and Barry Stagg's church
LaurLaur04: do you know them?
m3ntaL: umm
m3ntaL: i dont think so
LaurLaur04: no?
LaurLaur04: well Nate's a senior..
LaurLaur04: but Liz (nancy) and Barry are freshmen
LaurLaur04: hm
LaurLaur04: Liz went to elementary and jr high w/ us
m3ntaL: oooh
m3ntaL: nancy finch
m3ntaL: yeah i know the name
LaurLaur04: yeah
m3ntaL: my exact gun
LaurLaur04: (looking)
LaurLaur04: nice
LaurLaur04: i guess
m3ntaL: i want an angel
LaurLaur04: ?
m3ntaL: automatic
m3ntaL: best paintball gun
LaurLaur04: wow
m3ntaL: yup
m3ntaL: gots a little computer in it too
m3ntaL: like a p/w
m3ntaL: different fire rates
LaurLaur04: that's pretty crazy
m3ntaL: yeah
m3ntaL: only 1300 too
m3ntaL: :]
LaurLaur04: hm
LaurLaur04: maybe i'll get you that for your birthday
LaurLaur04: heh heh heh
m3ntaL: hurray!
LaurLaur04: hah
LaurLaur04: no
m3ntaL: : [
LaurLaur04: sorry
LaurLaur04: no 1300
LaurLaur04: they don't serve breakfast in Hell
m3ntaL: more like 13 dollas eh?
m3ntaL: oh jeez
LaurLaur04: yes
LaurLaur04: what?
m3ntaL: talkin canadian
LaurLaur04: ?
m3ntaL: eh?
LaurLaur04: canadian?
m3ntaL: yup
LaurLaur04: welcome to canada it's the mapel leaf state canada oh canada it's great
LaurLaur04: the people are nice there they speak french too if you don't like it man you sniff glue
LaurLaur04: the great white north
LaurLaur04: their kilts are plaid
LaurLaur04: hosers take off
LaurLaur04: it's not half bad
LaurLaur04: i want to be where yaks can run free
LaurLaur04: where royal mounties can arrest me
LaurLaur04: lets go to canada
LaurLaur04: lets leave today
LaurLaur04: canada oh canada
m3ntaL: k
LaurLaur04: i sil vous plait
m3ntaL: plz stop
LaurLaur04: ok
LaurLaur04: no more five iron frenzy
m3ntaL: im gonna die
m3ntaL: i want to shoot someone with my gun
m3ntaL: but i have no AMMO
LaurLaur04: ?
m3ntaL: i really want to go paintballen
LaurLaur04: go for it
m3ntaL: i hope travis gets his party set up fo next weekend
LaurLaur04: yep
LaurLaur04: why can't you go tomorrow?
LaurLaur04: it's a day off
LaurLaur04: make the most of it
m3ntaL: i gotta get my dad to take me
LaurLaur04: yep
LaurLaur04: i'm bored
m3ntaL signed off at 9:26:33 PM.
m3ntaL signed on at 10:00:17 PM.
m3ntaL: damn
LaurLaur04: ok
m3ntaL: i listined to what i could of that song funny thing
LaurLaur04: yeah?
m3ntaL: what did they give the scotsman
m3ntaL: he cut off at that part
LaurLaur04: cut off?
m3ntaL: yeah
m3ntaL: when i got disconnected
LaurLaur04: oh
LaurLaur04: hm
LaurLaur04: welllll you have to listen to it to get the full effect
LaurLaur04: try again
m3ntaL: >:-0
m3ntaL: its sooooo slow
m3ntaL: .22 k/s
LaurLaur04: hm
LaurLaur04: you're online
LaurLaur04: you might as well
m3ntaL: but
m3ntaL: i dont know when i have to leave
LaurLaur04: yeah..
m3ntaL: * get offline
LaurLaur04: ?
m3ntaL: lol
LaurLaur04: ?
m3ntaL: this kids telling me how hes gonna ask this girl out
LaurLaur04: ?
m3ntaL: online friend
LaurLaur04: ok
m3ntaL: yup
m3ntaL: i think hes just using her...
LaurLaur04: hm
m3ntaL: last week hes was all over this ither girl
LaurLaur04: i still have to freakin sing tonight
m3ntaL: what?
m3ntaL: why?
LaurLaur04: he's probably making these girls up
LaurLaur04: cause i have to sing everyday to practice for S&E
m3ntaL: no i dont think so
m3ntaL: we've been friends for a long time
m3ntaL: like ever since i first got AIM
LaurLaur04: cool
m3ntaL: hm
LaurLaur04: no more solo
m3ntaL: i remember my first v of aim
LaurLaur04: no more
m3ntaL: ahh
m3ntaL: 3.0
m3ntaL: sweet
m3ntaL: i hate solos
LaurLaur04: i don't mind so much
LaurLaur04: i just don't like practicing
m3ntaL: i have to play a million solos for our disney world trip
LaurLaur04: why?
m3ntaL signed off at 10:12:04 PM.
m3ntaL signed on at 10:13:02 PM.
m3ntaL: arg
LaurLaur04: arg
m3ntaL: did i say that i am the only first trumpet?
m3ntaL: did u recieve that
LaurLaur04: no
m3ntaL: ok
m3ntaL: wellll i am
LaurLaur04: what's "first trumpet"?
m3ntaL: and im playing all by myself
LaurLaur04: is that like "first soprano"?
m3ntaL: yea
m3ntaL: i guess
m3ntaL: like first part
m3ntaL: second part
m3ntaL: 3rd part
LaurLaur04: yeah
m3ntaL: third*
LaurLaur04: first sop
second sop
first alto
second alto

LaurLaur04: i don't really know how the guys part is split up anymore
LaurLaur04: it might be t1, t2, baritone and bass
LaurLaur04: yeah that's it
LaurLaur04: fun stuff
m3ntaL: im playing all the high stuff while the other trumpets play notes below the staff
m3ntaL: and making fun of me
m3ntaL: i HATE the last chair trumpet
m3ntaL: he wants to be ahead of me soooooooo bad
LaurLaur04: hah
m3ntaL: he makes fun of me every time i mess up
m3ntaL: i want to kick his ass!
LaurLaur04: get your color guard friends to drop their flags on his head
LaurLaur04: or the sabers
m3ntaL: i dont have color guard friends
LaurLaur04: no?
LaurLaur04: that's too bad
m3ntaL: nope
LaurLaur04: i'm tryin out
m3ntaL: yup
m3ntaL: hah
LaurLaur04: what?
m3ntaL: your going to have to defend yourself from austin everyday after school
LaurLaur04: yeah..
LaurLaur04: hm
m3ntaL: yup
m3ntaL: oh and u have to go to the summer band thing
m3ntaL: i hate that
LaurLaur04: i might not have freakin time
LaurLaur04: Frontier camp
Summer school
Mission trip
"Family vacation" that i dont' want to go on
Maybe Pinebrook Farms (i wanna go to co-ed session again..that was the best)
m3ntaL signed off at 10:19:43 PM.
m3ntaL signed on at 10:25:15 PM.
m3ntaL signed off at 10:26:29 PM. BMr6(;<O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!N N M M L LKKJJIIHHGGFFFEEDDCCBBAA@@??>>===<<;;::998877665554433221100//..--,,,++**))((''&&%%$$###""! !                                 O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!N N M M L LKKJJIIHHGGFFFEEDDCCBBAA@@??>>===<<;;::998877665554433221100//..--,,,++**))((''&&%%$$###""! !                                 O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!N N M M L LKKJJIIHHGGFFFEEDDCCBBAA@@??>>>==<<;;::998877665554433221100//..--,,,++**))((''&&%%$$###""! !                                 O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!N N M M L LKKJJIIHHGGGFFEEDDCCBBAA@@??>>>==<<;;::998877665554433221100//..--,,,++**))((''&&%%$$###""! !                                 O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!O!N N M M L LKKJJIIHHGGGFFEEDDCCBBAA@@??>>>==<<;;::998877665554433221100//..--,,,++**))((''&&%%$$$##""! !                                 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