LaurLaur04: Rachel??????
LaurLaur04: it's Lauren
Rachelswimmer: Yes it's me.
Rachelswimmer: I was checking my email
Rachelswimmer: I got a message from your mom
LaurLaur04: Yay! I can talk to you on IM!:-)
LaurLaur04: wait
LaurLaur04: this is Rachel right?
Rachelswimmer: yes it is Rachel and mom is here too to do the typing.
LaurLaur04: ah ok
Rachelswimmer: have you heard from aunt diane and allix?
LaurLaur04: yes we have
LaurLaur04: we got some pictures
LaurLaur04: did you?
Rachelswimmer: no
LaurLaur04: hmm i bet you will
LaurLaur04: i put two of them on my webpage
Rachelswimmer: we got some pictures from you though.
LaurLaur04: yep:-)
Rachelswimmer: how is allix?
Rachelswimmer: did your cold go away yet?
LaurLaur04: oh she's good. tigger was at her birthday party

and my cold went away but my fever is hanging around
Rachelswimmer: how high is your fever?
LaurLaur04: 100.5 ish
Rachelswimmer: did you miss any school?
LaurLaur04: one day
Rachelswimmer: I love you and Adam does too! We really miss you!
LaurLaur04: yeah we miss you too...i wish we lived closer together
Rachelswimmer: maybe when you go to dad says Princeton..we'll be closer together.
LaurLaur04: hah...Princeton..that's great
LaurLaur04: brb
Rachelswimmer: I'm going to go and sort comic books with my dad. I'll talk to you soon.
Rachelswimmer signed off at 1:24:57 PM.