by Rachel

1. A hug is always appreciated

2. I really don't know all the words to "The Rock Show"

3. The best theme songs are found on the Buzz

4. Guys dont always mean what they say 5. Sometimes people don't really care about what you have to say

6. The only people who will serenade you are the Backstreet Boys

7. I like my computer because it's like me: we both think slow and break down sometimes

8. Icecream is the answer to any problem 9. Don't be too scared of things; if you are you can't enjoy life

10. Always be willing try something new

11. Looking stupid is really not that bad

12. I don't need a car to look cool, but I still want one

13. Spending your life waiting by the phone is really not a life

14. You never know what's just around the corner

15. Crying over a guy is so pointless 16. Dating and going out are two very different things 17. Get lost in an old romantic movies: you know they have happy endings

18. Hanging out with little kids reminds you what little it takes to be happy

19. Honesty is a really tough quality to come by; admire those who posess it

20. Being single is really much better than it seems

21. People change; sometimes for the worse

22. Empathy can sometimes torture you

23. And what we all learned: "People aren’t always who you thought they’d be"