by Lauren

1. Always act like youíre in a photo shoot.

2. Wear sunscreen.

3. Breakdowns are still okay.

4. Guys are still tricky.

5. Church is a very, very good thing.

6. Itís okay to pretend like everythingís perfect.

7. Donít work if you donít want to.

8. People arenít always who you thought theyíd be.

9. People who donít want to hang out with you will make it pretty obvious.

10. You donít have to do something every single day in the summer. Itís okay to stay in and hang out with your mom all day.

11. If your friend is flirting with someone, try not to get annoyed. Chances are she likes him.

12. Concerts can be very good learning experiences.

13. Sarcasm isnít always appreciated.

14. Have enough integrity to see a commitment through.

15. Things happen for a purpose, even if you donít know what that purpose is.

16. The music you listen to can affect the way you feel about things, especially yourself.

17. Moving is very stressful. Help out whenever you can.

18. Movies get to be expensive.

19. Same with GNOís.

20. You donít need a guy with you to have fun. 21. Collages are good ways to vent your stress. 22. People change. You arenít necessarily going to pick up right where you left off. 23. Just because the song is good doesnít mean the movie will be.

24. Be nice to your parents.

25. Have bonding time with your family a lot.

26. Act like a kid sometimes. You wonít be able to for much longer.

27. Never take a job where you have to clean out pans of meatloaf. It will never be worth the money.

28. Consider reading every now and then, instead of watching TV.

29. Try things that you didnít think youíd like. You might be surprised.

30. Water is your friend now more than ever. Coke is your enemy. 31. Make a CD of relaxing music, and listen to it a lot.

32. Some people will ask for you to help them up, and as they stand, theyíll pull you down. These people are hurtful; just try to ignore the pain.

33. Itís okay to stand up for what you believe in.

34. Money is hard to come by for a 15 year old.

35. You donít need everything you thought you did. You might be surprised at what you can get along without.

36. You find yourself missing the people you donít spend much time with at school.

37. Sleeping for fourteen hours makes you very tired.

38. Sudden changes can be heartbreaking.

39. Spend time with family and friends doing the things you love before you canít anymore.

40. I am a poser.

41. Itís a lot of fun talking back to the Page Parkes people.

42. Walking around the mall aimlessly can be great fun.

43. Right now, I want a really good guy friend, not necessarily a boyfriend.

44. Spending 16 hours with someone makes you feel very close to them.