by Lauren

1. Your classes seem pointless because they are, but later on youíll be proud that you know some of the things youíve learned.

2. Itís okay to wear skirts to school.

3. If you read the book, youíll pass the test.

4. If you read the book twice, youíll pass the six-weeks.

5. If you read the book more than that, youíre just a loser.

6. Study hall has its name for a purpose. Do what you can to keep it that way.

7. If you cry in front of a male teacher, heíll be afraid to make you cry again for the rest of the year.

8. If you forget to do a homework assignment, donít make it your first period homework.

9. If it is your first period homework, donít do it in front of the teacher. And have a very believable excuse ready.

10. The principals donít care anymore. Neither do most of the teachers.

11. This is the year where you learn who your true friends are.

12. If extra-credit is offered, take it without hesitation.

13. Guys are tricky.

14. Donít lend money to druggies around your locker.

15. The people around youíre locker are important. In the spring semester, you will spend many hours with these people. Try to get to know them better.

16. Know what you think about everything. Donít let other people influence what you think.

17. Reach out to other people. 18. Donít be afraid to talk about important things.

19. Teachers might not be everything you thought they would be, or everything you know they should be, but for some reason youíll end up loving some of them anyways.

20. If you donít get what you want, take it as an incentive to try harder the next time the opportunity comes up.

21. Audrey Hepburn movies are good things to watch when youíre stressed.

22. Water is your friend. 23. Remember what teachers will let you use the bathroom.

24. Donít be scared of upperclassmen. No matter how messed up they are, they can still give you at least a little good advice.

25. Use teachersí stupidity to your advantage.

26. Get used to druggies.

27. Regulars classes may appear to be blow-off courses, but they arenít. This is because class work is easy and you donít learn anything, but the tests have real questions on them.

28. Read the textbook; itís your friend.

29. Fire drills always come up when youíre wearing spandex. Always.

30. Some teachers canít be worked with. Do whatever it takes to pass. Donít even try making good grades. Just pass.

31. Being moved away from your friends in a seating arrangement is probably for the best.

32. When the football players stand up and look at something during lunch, they are looking at something their drunken minds have made up. There is nothing there.

33. The scary black guys wonít hurt you.

34. School dances are boring. The good parts are before and after, so you might as well just skip the dance.

35. Mums are scary, scary things.

36. Donít bother looking for your friends in the marching band. Youíll never find them.

37. Donít let the saxophone players in the marching band hug you.

38. Itís never okay to stand within ten feet of the Martinette section of the stands. Youíll be chased away by scary drill team moms.

39. Guys that look like trouble usually are. Donít trust them.

40. Even very intelligent people can be involved in the wrong things.

41. Some teachers wonít postpone tests no matter what. Even if youíre life is threatened by a gas leak.

42. Figure out what it takes for each teacher to raise your grade.

43. A true friend sticks with you even after hearing ďItís Gonna Be MeĒ for weeks straight.

44. If you set your standards of other people too high, youíll be disappointed.

45. Having a tutor isnít a bad thing.

46. Keep all the money you earn.

47. Do favors for people. If you help a person in need of a favor, theyíll remember you when youíre in need of a favor. Of course, if you help a person in need of a favor, theyíll remember you next time theyíre in need of a favor.

48. The nurse definitely doesnít care.

49. Sleep during class if you have to. It might be the only time you get any decent sleep.

50. Itís okay to have breakdowns. Even public breakdowns.

51. Itís always nice to be hugged.

52. The biggest differences from junior high to high school are the extra floor and the extra two minutes in the passing periods.

53. Do your weekend homework on Friday nights.

54. The time your teachers give you at the end of class should be used for homework, not socializing.

55. Donít be absent. SUCK IT UP!

56. Exemptions are sacred.

57. Be good so you can have a car when youíre 16.

58. Be very sweet to your teachers. Make friends with them. Suck up like itís nobodyís business.

59. Coffee can save your life.

60. Keep a brush in your backpack.

61. Also some concealer.

62. Be careful about what you say to your friends. Theyíre very important people.

63. Itís hard to make time for church and family stuff during school.

64. If youíre at your male friendís house and heís going to give you a ride home, call your mom and tell her first.

65. Memorizing a map of Australia isnít nearly as easy as labeling it.

66. Despite what you and everyone else might think, life does go on.

67. Boys were more mature in fifth grade than they are now.

68. Comparison is the death of self-contentment.

69. Set goals, write them down, and put them in a place where youíll always see them. Achieving a goal is one of the most satisfying feelings youíll ever have.

70. Smile a lot. You never know who might need to see you smile at them.

71. Laugh at your mistakes, and then fix them.

72. When youíre writing papers, itís okay to make up some facts and percentages.

73. Lifeís tough; get helmet.

74. When you go in to talk to the counselor, know what you want and donít leave until you get it.

75. Schedule doctorís appointments for unimportant classes, such as choir, gym, or lunch. If you have two of these classes in a row, use it to your advantage. After school is for homework, not for doctorís appointments.

76. During school, one dollar is a LOT of money. Only lend it to very trustworthy people. And make sure you get it make. On the weekends, you can give a dollar to a stranger in the mall. But not during the week.

77. Find out who you are and try not to be afraid of it.