by Karen

1. There will always always be tall skinny men waiting around to hit on you.

2. If you wear a short black skirt you can get anything you want.

3. Fire drills always come at the worst times- like when you're in spandex hanging out with the boy's choir.

4. Gas leaks can save your butt.

5. When you ask someone to a dance try not to throw up on them.

6. Your high school male tutor will always be there for you if you want to watch Cinderella.

7. Never ever rebel against your Spanish teacher. She controls your semester average.

8. Learn how to bargain, then use it for all you're worth.

9. Always make friends with the translator online.

10. NSync and Brittney can AND will become your best friends.

11. Coffee and chocolate can save your life.

12. It's better to be hated for who you are then to be loved for who you're not.

13. Everyone is going to change, no matter what they say or what they convince you of. They'll change.

14. Treat your enemy nicely, you might like them some day.

15. Never ever trust anyone with a name that has something to do with the outdoors.....like "Hunter" or "Forrester".

16. Trips to Thai Spice while researching Thailand will bring you extra credit.

17. Despite what everyone else says, it is possible to get married, then divorced, then married again. All while you're a freshman.

18. The biggest excitement of your life can be throwing up in the school hallway.

19. The nurse's assitant cannot sell you to the gypsies.

20. If you read the book then you'll pass the tests.

21. Dull lunches can turn out to be really fun.

22. Never stare into space because it is guaranteed that someone will automatically assume you are staring at them.

23. Half birthdays are a reason for celebration!

24. Losing your temper can be threuapeutic.

25. It's amazing how much sleep you can lose and how much concealer will cover up the bags under your eyes.

26. Hugs are great at anytime.

27. There will always be someone who doesn't believe in you, but you just have to ignore them.

28. Everything happens for a reason.

29. Everyone's hormones come out on the first of every month.

30. A true friend sticks by you even after you've heard "It's Gonna Be Me" 80 thousand times together.

31. Never start planning your summer romances before summer even starts, because a lot of confusing stuff will happen.