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Jp - guitar and back up vocals

Paul - Bass/vocals

James - Drums/vocals

Tomorrow Never Comes - The Band Story

Tomorrow Never Comes is a punk rock band out of bayside and whitestone new york.we are influenced by bands like new found glory, blink 182 and taking back sunday. The band started out in January 2003 with me and paul. James joined on vocals in may, but then changed to drums in june. There have been 3 different people who we've had to let go, but ended up with jp, paul and james in the end. TnC's first demo entitled "Make it Count" will be avalible at their show september 13th at a garage show. They will also be on a compilation with bands like floffus, silent tragedy, plimpton 32, hsfh and more. It guarenteed to have a good time at a tnc show so dont forget to come on down.