sOnGs ThAt KiCk MaJoR aSs
LiKe : SyStEm Of A dOwn LiMp BiZkIt KoRn SlIpKnOt AnD MoRe
SlipKnOtíS EyElEsS: Am I ThE oNlY mOtHeR f***eR wItH a BrAin ??? Im HeArInG vOcIeS aLl ThEy Do Is CoMpLaIn HoW mAnY tImEs HaVe YoU wAnTeD tO kIlL eVeRyThInG aNd EvEryOne sAy YoU dO bUt NeVeR wIlL yOu CaNt SeE CaLiFoRnIa WiTh oUt MaRlOn BrAnDoíS eYeS Im A FaThErS sOn CuZ hEs A pHaNtOm A mYsTeRyAnD tHaT lEaVeS mE nOtHiNg!!!!! HoW MaNy TiMes HaVe YoU WaNtEd To DiE ItS To LaTe FoR mE AlL YoU hAvE To Do Is GeT RiD oF mE iTs AlL iN yOuR hEaD iTs AlL iN mY hEaD iTs AlL iN mY hEaD!!!!
SyStEm Of A DoWn WaR? DaRk Is ThE LiGhT ThE mAn YoU fIgHt WiTh AlL yOur Prayers and temtation running away A tRivial day of judgement and deliverance to whom was sold the bounty soul a gentele or a priest who victored over the seljuks when the holy land was taken we would fight the heathns x4 was it the riches of the land powers of bright darkness that lead the noble to the east to fight the heathens chorus x8 we call apon the bright darkness belief of the power of the wicked 1 was written on the sword for you must destroy it international security call of the rightious man needs a reason to kill a man history teaches us so the reason he must abtain must be protected by his god his child partisan brother of war of war we donít speak anymore of war x4 chorusx8
Eminem Real slim shady Yall act u never seen a white person before jaws on the floor at pam tom just burst through the door started wooping her ass worst than before first were divored throwing her over furniture itís the return of the all wait no wait your kidding he didnít just say what he think he did did he and dr dre said nothing u idiot dr dres dead locked in my basement all the women love eminem slim shady im sick of him walking around grabing his u know what flipping the u know who ya but hes so cute though ya got a cupple of screws up in my head loose but know worse whats going on in ur parents edroom sometimes I just wanna get on tv and let loose but I canít but its cool for tom green to hump a dead moose bum is on ur lips bum is on ur lips and if ur lucky u just might give it a little kiss cuz as the messanger we deliver to little kids and expect them not to know what a womenís cl*****sh is of corse their gonna know wat intercouse is by time they hit 4th grade got the discovery channel donít they we ainít nothing but mammels well some of us canibles who cut other people open like canilopes well if we could hump that animals and anilopes then there s no reason 4 1 man and another to canilope if u feel like I feel I got the antidote women were your panihoss sing the chorus here it goes Iím slim shady yes im the real shady all u other slim shadys are just immating so wonít the real slim shady please stand up please stand up Will smith donít have to curse to sell rap records well I do so f*** him an F*** u to think I give a damn about a grammy half u critics canít even stomich my let allong stamis but slim what if u win would it be weird why so u guys could lie to get me here so u could sit me here next to britney Spears hristina Agularia betta switch me chairs so I could sit next to carson daily and Fred durst and let em argrue over who she gave H*** to first little b**** put me blast on mtv hes cute bute I think he is married to kim heeeheee I should download her audio on mp3 show the whole world how u gave eminem V.D. I hate u little running boy groups al u do is annoy me so I been sitting here to distroy u and theres a million of us just like me who cus like me just donít give a F*** like Smoke like me act ralk and walk like me and just might be the next best thing but not quiet me Chorus im like a headtrip to listen to cuz im only given u things u joke about with ur friends in your living room only difference is I got the balls to say it infront of yall I donít gotta be false sugar code it off I just get on the mike and spit it wether u critics like I just s*** it betta than 90% than u rappers out there then u wonder how these kids eat up these alblums like v**** its funny at the rate im going when im 30 be the only person in the nursing room flurting get ur nurses asses when im j***** off these j***** and jerking but this whole viagra isnít working everybody is a slim shady lerker could be at burger king spiting on ur union or in the parking lot screaming I donít give a f*** If the windows down and the system up so would the real slim shady please stand up and put 1 of those fingers on each hand up be proud to be outa your mind outa control 1 more time loud as u can how does it go? Chorus till end
LiMp BiZkIt BrEaK StUfF ItS JuSt 1 Of ThOsE dAyS wHeN yOu DoNít WaNnA WaKe Up EvErY tHinG iS f*** eVeRy BoDy SuX yOu DoNít ReAlY kNoW wHy BuT u WaNnA jUsTiFy RiPpInG sOmEoNe s HeAd OfF nO hUmAn CoNtAcT bUt If U iNtErAcT yOuR lIfE iS oN cOnTrAcT bEsT bEt Is To StAy AwAy MoThEr F***Er ItS JuSt 1 Of ThoSe DaYs ItS aLl AbOuT tHe He SaYs ShE SaYs BuLl s*** ThInK u BeTtA QuIt LeTtInG s*** SlIp Or U b LeAvInG wItH a FaT lIpx2 ItS jUsT oNe Of ThOsE dAyS fEeLiNg LiKe A FrAt TrAiN 1st 1 tO cOmPlAiN lEaVeS wItH a BlOoD sTaIn DaMn RiGhT I m A MaNiAk BeTtA WaTcH uR BaCk CuZ Im F*** inG uP uR PrOgRaM aNeEd No StUcK uP jUsT loCkEd NeXtEd In LiNe To GeT f*** Up BeSt BeT iS To StAy AwY mOtHeR f*** Er ItS JuSt 1 Of ThoSe dAyS chorus I fEeL lIkE s*** My SuGgEsTiOn Is To KeEp YoUr DiStAnCe RiGhT nOw I m DaNgErOuS wE aLl FeLt LiKe S*** aNd BeEn TrEaTeD LiKe S*** aLl ThOsE mOtHeR f****ErS wAnNa StEp Up I hOpE u KnOw I pACk A cHaInSaW sKiN uR aSs RaW aNd If My DaY kEePs GoInG tHiS wAy I mIgHt BrEaK sOmEtHiNg ToNiGhTx2 PaCk A cHaInSaW SkIn Ur AsS rAw If My DaY kEePs GoInG tHiS way I jUsT mIgHt BrEaK YoUr fUcKiNg FaCe ToNiGht!!!!! GiVe Me SoMeThInG tO bReAk x3 I gOt Ur F*** iNg FaCe HoPe u KnOw I PaCk A ChAiNsAw A cHaInSaW a ChaInSaW cOmE AnD gEt iT ! chorus till end
KoRn TwIsT YoU nOt RrRhH RoT DoT n DoT n DoT pEr RoT dOt N DoT n DoT pEr N DoT ChI cOt nDoT RRr Ah SoMe PlAy To We A DoT ThiNk Up A BiTe RaH SoMeTiMeS YoU mighT OoH OoH RrRhh We ThOuGht We MiGhT TwIsT TwIsT TwIsT TwIsT DoT bE MeR HoT sOmEtHinG WhaT ArE yOu Ma Ha Do BrO wHaT ArE MiNeS is DoT oOh OoH rOt iN dOt n BiTe OoH nA nA eR Na He WoO HoO RaH AtE nO HoO DoT Er HA Ya DoT iM WeR Rah TwIsT TwIsT TwIsT TwIsT
StErEoMuD PaCe StArT ThE CoUnT SeT ThE PaCe AlL aBoUt ReAlItY And WhAt YoU GeT Is WhAt YoU sEe CaN yOu BrInG iT CaN YoU BrInG It EnTeR (ReAcH) EnTeR (rEaCh) CaN YoU ReAcH WeLl IlL TaKe YoU bAcK To ThE PlAcE WhErE YoU wAnNa Be x4 StOp ThInKiNg Of WhAt YoU WaNnA dO sToP tHe OlD StArT ThE NeW Let Me TaKe a MiNiuTe NoW To SaY TeLl mE CaN YoU hEeL mEx2 EnTeR(ReAcH) EnTeR (rEaCh) TeLl Me CaN YoU rEaCh Me ChOrUs x4 TeLl Me CaN U eNtEr (rEaCh) EnTeR (ReAcH) wElL Ö.chorusx4 till end
Ty JoNaThOn DoWn ViDeOdRoNe + JoN dAvIs 5tEeN pUrE aNd ClEaN iNnOcEnT {asent} lAsT yEaR sEcReTs I KeEp UnDeR I CaN KeEp So I JuSt Say So LoOk At Me WhIlE I CuT tHrOuH tHe sKy I CaN ReMEmBeR uR mInD I SwAlLoW SoRrY SoRrY Im So ScArEd So I TrY I JuSt fInD iN NoThIng I JuSt WaTcH

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