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This page is what I figure out to be my little thoughts on what has come to be known as punk rock.

It's something that is a huge part of my life,from the first glimpses of it in elemenatry school to diving into it in High School,all the way to being an adult and trying to find out how punk rock relates to everyhting now.I don't think it's something to grow out of or just a passing phase for amny of us,I also acknowledge that we must grow with all experiences and "punk"can grow with us as well.

I still consider myself a member of this "community" of punk.How do I define punk,I don't know,I don't listen to punk 24/7,look very punk,act "anti-authoritarian"or hold all those views.I guess its all about living your life as you feel comfortable with it.I'm not a staunch anti-capitalist but I also place many things above money in my values system.

I suppose for now ,until I get a treatise on punk rock or whatever I will use THIS page as some sort of dedication to cool punk stuff...

Los Crudos

Martin has a new band(I forgot the name)which is supposedly awesome queercore.

by the way click on the pic and it should link ya to that really nifty crudos page I swiped the photo from until i scan my pix of then lovely folks


not all my friends are punk rock and not all punk rockers are my friends.but i have some really neat punk friends.robert is cool and he's not punk but his girlfriend ronda is and she a really cool punk with a kid,i dunno if shell say shes punk though.mark is wacky.richard is cool even if he needs a shower.houston has quite a few good folks,most of them moved here to austin.austin is like an internation meeting ground for cool kids.and crusties.dallas breeds some crazy kids in the best way.

austin has some good punk bands.

here's some names of these good punk bands(until i get pictures and info.

manchurian candidates.these guys rock hard and are very underrated.they have stuff out on a few labels including a 7"from japan and a d i y cd on their label big city bastards.get it at sound exchange if you want.its cool.

pisspoor are good crazy hardcore with female vocals.tehy have stuff out

society of friends.they're crazy and have stuff out on a few labels.

negative step.they're crazy too.there is a secret connection to society of friends.maybe it's not a secret.

short hate temper.are they still kickin?i don't think so.

severed heads of state are amazingly good.they are an all star type band for the crusty political crowd whhich is a good thing.kelley from resist and todd from his hero is gone/deathreat is in this.chris is an amazing drummer as well.

employer/employee are pretty good.some compare them to black metal and stuff.they sound really mean but in fact they can be nice guys.

there are more bands in austin.

Hey Punk,you smell funny!goHOMEand shower