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Chris's Page:The Wreck Of The Old 97

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punk rock stuff
ideas(politics/religion/NEW STUFF!)
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The Wreck Of The Old 97(history and such)
Twelve Blades R.I.P.'96-'98
pictures of friends
Utah Phillips Page
WILLIE NELSON,Boxcar Willie,Boyd Rice,Fred the dog and ME
weird links
OLD 97s pictures

Here is the page,like it or not,Im satisfied.So here 'tis!

"He was goin' down grade making 90 miles an hour When his whistle broke into a scream He was found in the wreck with his hand on the throttle scalded to death by the steam"from The Wreck Of The Old 97,one of the first "hit" country songs,and also where I got my e mail address from as well as the page name(the excellent band Old 97s is named for this as well...

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