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information and ideas concerning politics and religion.

I'm still searching as most of us all for the
of where I stand.
links below may not be 100% of my views...
e mail me at for any discussion of ideas or if you think Im completely wrong about something
or if ya just think that Im a complete moron
like many people do...
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Here is a few ideas on religion,the great taboo.I'm punk rock (I'm 24,have a job,don't care a lot for the Ramones but,I guess I'm still punk).Anyways,people always htink it's weird to be punk and Christian.A lot of friends are cool with it but in the punk "community" Christians are automatically seen as evil,fundamentalist's bent on destroying the world.Some of these punks harbor a prejudice almost as strong as that of a hardline Baptist against a homosexual.Regardless,I will still be religious in my way.If some punk thinks I'm weak because I can find some comfort and wisdom in the Bible,so be it.I don't exclude any other sources of wisdom nor do I think that other religions of the world are necessarily wrong(obviously I'm not fundamentalist),I simply believe that there is a Creator(known as God,Yahweh,Allah,Jehovah,Shiva,Brahma,or the Great Spirit,or many other names)The world's religions have different ways of loving and paying tribute to the creator.Basically I think there are many paths all leading to the same place,whatever road you choose is up to you...

christian anarchism?If you find yourself leaning towards liberal/progressive Christianity,Deism,Quakerism even just being a punk type AND religious,there is a mailing list for YOU! send a blank e mail to or check out this site's new,but hopefully it'll get going O.K.

Satanism...I was on a chat room and I got to thinking about this subject.Are there any real Satanists out there?I think almost all of teh "Satanic cult activity" from the 80's has been debunked,and Anton LeVay's Church Of Satan is simply using the idea of Satan as the opposite of fundamentalist puritanism.That version is more of an esoteric group that says to do unto others before they do unto you.Their ideas range from some good ideas to selfishness.Actually I would recommend looking at their site because some of the ideas they express are actually good ideas.But to get back to my original subject,How can anyone really worship Satan?Truly to accept Satan,you have to accept the Christian God,and to worship Satan while accepting God is like saying you'd rather lose the game.It's like choosing to hop in a sports car that is going to go off a cliff,rather than a plain car that can take you home.I don't say this as a slight to anyone taking Satanism seriously(Id welcome a comeback to this).I'm also not dismissing any forms of witchcraft with this,especially since witchcraft and Satanism tend to be linked together by fundamentalist literature and teachings.Like all other opinions on this page these are just OPINIONS.I also think that seeking the "darker side"of things can strengthen you if you're a Christian(or any other religion as well).Darkness and Light,as ideas can be seen like a battery,positive and negative can keep each other in check;Too much of one and you are depressed,down and such,too much positive,and youre view of teh world gets unrealistic...

Also I've just found a cool site that takes on the "Bible Code"silliness here!Actually the page is part of a larger site I just found called"Adult Christianity" which is funny.They show you can actually have a sense of humor and be hip as well as be religious and very thoughtful of it.

The police have a very important and dangerous job in this society,unfortunately WAY too many cops abuse their privilages and don't get fired(abuse of privilage,police brutality,going"over the line",etc. should not be tolerated)Michael Bluejay Wonderbiker extraordinaire has a great page on police brutality here.His site contains information on Austin and nationwide police abuses.Unlike a lot of folks I know from the punk community I think cops are in many instances good,BUT when a cop rapes,steals,abuses his wife,beats an innocent man(or even a guilty one)they should lose their job because they are a public figure and should be held to a higher standard than you or I.Being a cop should be a heroic job,not one that someone takes because he was beaten up in school and has pent up rage he wants to take out on others.Perhaps one day children won't be scared of cops like so many are now...

Ya ever think that it seems the country is going to heck in a handbasket,I don't think that it would fit in one ;anyways,if you think this is because of irresponsible actions of a few corporate giants check outThis also happens to be the page of Michael Moore of "Roger and Me" and "T.V.Nation" fame!I'll quote more from him later,Check out the book "Downsize This"for some inspiration and laughs....political satire at it's finest,even if you don't agree with him 100% you'll see how right on he is.

Michael Moore's work tends to flow around the idea that the middle and lower classes are increasingly getting screwed over by the big buisneses that employ them and I believe this to be true.We have lost so much of what was gained because union leaders got greedy.In my old hometown Dow is a big employer and paid very well.I was raised in a decent tsdard of living because my Dad worked hard for Dow for years.Now Dow hires through contractors which pay much less and offers less of a chance for benefits.My ex-girlfriend's Dad, a brilliant man,was laid off by Dow after many years of loyal service.He was rehired at a lower wage,that should sound weird but it's probably not an uncommon experience.In Austin there are at least 2 large companies(Dell Computers and Motorola) which are known for hiring people and right around 90 days laying most of them off(maybe so they don't have to pay benefits?).I don't know if this is official policy or if it just happes to happen like that.This seems to be a common theme for people in the USA.All around the country the disparity in pay between top and bottom levels is increasing( getting richer while the poor get poorer...)

War is a bad thing,right?In recent times I've reflected on this and I have realized that in many cases it IS inevitable.We can say we are anti-war but then what if there was an invasion?Changes the perspective,huh.Back in the 30's Francisco Franco,a Fascist,tried to destroy the elected government of Spain.Long story short,the progressive communities in the worldhad many people inspired to join the fight forr Spain against the Fascists,including a large amount of Wobblies and Communists(no,Communism is NOT fascism,it just tended to happen that way in most of the revolutions).There is an archive and a general information page on the Spanish Civil War,I may or may not post more as time goes on.

Another important author isPeter McWilliams.His site contains full text of the book "Ain't Nobody's Buisness if I Do,The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in a Free Country"which essentially shows how laws against consensual crimes(true victimless crimes)are un constitutional.It's packed with quotes on every page from everyone from Jesus and George Washington to Reagan and John Wayne.Well researched and informative.One of the most readable scholarly texts I've seen. As a sad note Peter has recently passed from this earth. He had AIDs and at one point was using medicinal marijuana to combat the nausea of his medication.He got in trouble with the law for this and was prohibited by the courts from taking marijuana after this and choked on his own vomit and died.R.I.P. friend.


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The next link is againstSchool Of Americas,Its a military school that teaches Latin AMerican Military how to kill and torture,Its scary stuff and sounds like a bad conspiracy but its sadly very true.We trained Noriega and many others there.There is another page called Shut Down The School of Americas(which has recently undergone a name change)which has information as well.

Perspectives on the World Trade we value Free Trade over environmental protection and even DEMOCRACY itself?It's a hard arguement against the WTO because they have a good PR system that makes it look as if they're the protypical good guy and anyone against them is simply a communist,Luddite fool wishing to keep people in povertygoHOME