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Welcome to TRUNKS20XL!!!!!!!Updates: The Funimation company is working on makeing new Dragon Ball Z games for the U.S. hopefully for Nintendo 64 or Dreamcast. On the new resent episodes in America you may have noticed that the voices have changed,that is because they moved there recording station and the voices actors couldn't do the voices anymore. Cartoon Network has told us that in one to five months they will air the 10 episodes of the Garlic Jr. series.Staring in Fall 2000 they will begin to air Trunks. 3/30/00 update - Garlic Jr saga (cut version) to air April 8th at 5 pm, 8 pm, 11 pm, and 1 am as a part of the all-day Toonami marathon. - Season 4 will air in September; first six episodes to be released May 16 on tape. - DBZ Game for the PSX, PC, Mac, and possibly a Nintendo system due out Q1 2001. - Burger King to have DBZ promotion in near future. - Sub-titled DBZ on DVD format coming this year. - Movie #4 coming subbed/dubbed in Spring of this year. Please vote for me. GO TO MY LINKS AND GO TO MY FRIEND GOTEN'S SITE!, IT'S REALLY GOOD!!!( IF YOU DON'T, THEN I WILL BLOW YOU AWAY WITH THE FINAL FLASH) PLEASE SIGN MY GUEST BOOK AND I WILL CONTINUE TO SUPPLY DBZ FOR YOU!