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UPDATED: 29 December 2000

Here's a little about me (I got this from some questions my friends told me I should put up): Name: Susana.. Age: 15.. Birthday: April 24, 1985.. Sex: Female.. Fav movie: A Night at the Roxbury. best movie ever!.. Fav band: KoRn!! Who do u like: no one.. Have you ever been kissed: yeah.. With who: guys.. Most romantic movie: 10 Things I Hate about You.. Most romantic song: Gift to U- by KoRn.. Longest relationship: 9 months and 13 days.. With who: omar.. Most boring date: when i went to luquillo (i think it was) w/ omar before we were b/f & g/f.. Most fun date: the time omar and i went to salinas..

Changing the subject: What you like in a guy..

Cologne or after shave: whatever.. Blonde, brown, or red hair: which ever.. Tall or short: Tall most preferable.. Cute or sweet: Both.. Freckles or none: Either.. Smart or fun: Fun.. Speedo or trunks: whatever.. Doc's or Nike's: Neither.. Jock or not a jock: not jock, most preferable.. Uptight or loose: Loose.. Boxers or briefs: Boxers..

Changing the subject: you, and what you're like..

Perfume or lotion: whatever.. Long hair or short: Medium.. Sporty or prissy: None.. Make-up or no make-up: No make-up; I dislike it.. Smart or fun: Maybe fun, but definitely not smart.. Hair up or down: down.. Blonde, brown or red hair: dark brown.. Shorts, skirts, or jeans: which ever.. Tank-top, spaghetti strap, or t-shirt: which ever.. Fav. brand of clothing: ADIDAS, Hurley, and Roxy.. Talkative or shy: Both, mostly hyperactive.. Tall or short: Medium; 54.. Neat or messy: Both.. Skater or surfer: skater.. Rap or rock: Rock-definitely.. Freckles or none: None.. ICQ #: 59973875

And my result after taking some tests at were that I'm..

But I don't really think that's true, cause I'm not a slut at all, so..

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"Happiness is like a BUTTERFLY. The more you chase it, the more it will elude you. But if you turn your attention to other things, it comes and softly sits on your shoulder." - L. Richard Lessor