Well, I decided that having my picture on the internet was not all
that cool, so instead of just showing you who I am, I'll tell
you more than you ever needed to know about me and let your imagination
run wild.


Height- 5'6" Weight- 105 lbs. Hair color- Right now, auburn. Tomorrow, who knows! Eye color- Right now, blue, sometimes green, but naturally greenish-brown hazel. Chest- Small Pants Size- 5/6 Nail Polish- Currently "Sugar Plum" (kinda purple) Distinguishing traits- My nose is kinda pointy, I have a deep dimple in my left cheek and a smaller one in my right, I have a whole where my belly button used to be pierced, I've got a tiny birthmark where no one can see it, and my toes are too long.

Beyond Appearance

Marital Status- Technically married, and still living with my husband, but we're supposed to be separated. (Don't give me that look. I know how odd it is.) Children- 1, my daughter Alyssa. She'll be a year old in October. She's the sweetest little baby in the whole world, and of course the cutest. I'm not the slightest bit biased, either. Career- I'm a stay at home mom, but looking to rejoin the work force. See "Marital Status" if you want to know why. Turn ons- Intelligent men, Tequila, a six pack (abs or Bud Light) Back massages (MMMmmmmmmmmmmm...), passionate people, and strange independant films. Turn offs- Trendy people, people that play stupid games for attention, the state of indecision that comes at the end of a relationship, Cheesy ass boy bands and those cookie cutter girlie sluts that try to sing, whores, and anyone more attractive than I am. That last one may be wrong, but it's true. More to come as I think of more to say!!