Have you ever noticed?

-On T.V.-

-On all those cheesy (yet addictive) teen-type shows, whenever they bring a new guy onto a show, he becomes more and more attractive as time goes by. Really. They start to do his hair different, put him in nicer clothes, make him look all studly. Why? No clue. -(This is for the Dawson's Creek watchers, which I don't admit to it most of the time.) Joey is supposed to be soooo poor, yet she wears the same Gap/Abercrombie/preppy ass shit that everyone else wears. Is she a thief, or do they spend every last cent they have to keep her in the latest fasions? -That Beverly Hills 90210 is still on? -Soap opera babies can go from just born to 20 years old in about 5 years. examples- Nick and Victoria Newman, Mara Shane. -Where are all the rednecks? There aren't any! It's a nice, but not accurate, point of view. Blacks are lobbying for more african americans on primetime, but what about the rednecks? -The Simpsons has been on for 10 years, at least. But the reruns they run in the early evenings on weeknights are the same 10 episodes, over and over and over again AD NAUSEUM. They have tons of episodes, but yet I see the same one twice in one week. Same with Frasier, Home Improvement, and Seinfeld.

-In Music-

-Every soccer mom and daddy's girl in the whole world likes Smash Mouth, but they obviously never listened to the lyrics closely, or they would have noticed all the references to marijuana. -Neither Britney Spears nor Jennifer Lopez can sing. They totally depend on their measurements to gain popularity.

-In Movies-

-In Pulp Fiction, all of the clocks are set to 4:20.