So you want to win my award. I am picky about what I endorse, so you must adhere to my very strict rules and guidelines. *snicker* and those in violation will not only NOT recieve my award but they will be BANISHED FROM THE INTERNET FOREVER!! Only the best of the best will be awarded, seriously... Run through the guidelines carefully, then hit me with your best shot!

-Submission Guidelines-

-You must have created it. I don't care what the guy getting paid to do this can do, I want to see what you can come up with. -No porn. I don't want to see you or anyone else naked. I make those decisions in person on a person by person basis. -No fan pages dedicated to any boy bands, any former Mickey Mouse Club members, or any other teeny bopper type icon. Those people nauseate me, and their followers are mindless sheep. -I need more than links. It makes your site yours, not everyone else's. -Are you wearing a tech vest right now? If you said yes, you are disqualified. And you need to get a mind of your own. -If your site is still under construction, or has a million broken links, I consider it tactless and rude to try and win awards, and I will tell you so personally and not nicely. So fix them, then submit. -If your site is full of kitties and teddy bears and sugar and spice and everything nice, I can't take it. I will puke and send it to you in a paper bag. O.K., I guess that's about it. If you aren't fervently typing up hate mail to me by now, you can go submit your award. I wish you the best of luck!!

Go Submit It!!