Mainstream/ Christian Music

Mainstream ArtistChristian ArtistStyle
311 dctalk, Audio Adrenaline, Newsboys, Reality Check, Stavesacre, Ninety Pound Wuss modern rock/alternative
Big Bad Vodoo Daddy W's, Five Iron Frenzy, Supertones, Havilina Rail Co. swing
Blink 182 Ghoti Hook, MxPx, Value Pac, Slick Shoes, Plankeye alternative/punk
Bush Grammatrain, Skillet, Dear Ephesus modern rock/alternative
Cardigans Sixpence None the Richer, Morella's Forest Considering Lily, Sarah Masen modern rock/pop
Collective Soul Grammatrain, Petra, Alternative
Counting Crows The Normals, The Waiting, Jars of Clay, Smalltown Poets, PFR modern rock
Cranberries Sixpence, Morella's Forest, StarFlyer59, Michelle Tumes, Maire Brennon pop
Creed Stavesacre alternative
Sheryl Crow Amy Grant, Cindy Morgan, Susan Ashton, Out of the Grey, Margaret Becker contemporary/pop/country
Deftones P.O.D., Project 86, Blindside, Stavesacre hardcore
Earth Crisis Overcome, Zao, Strongarm hardcore
Everclear Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, MxPx, Plankeye, Switchfoot modern rock/ pop
Foo Fighters Stavesacre, Puller, Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, Plankeye, Dear Ephesus, Plumb, Third Day, Shaded Red, MxPx, Switchfoot, All Star United, Seven Day Jesus alternative/modern rock
Goo Goo Dolls Plankeye, Fono, Small Town Poets alternative/rock
Green Day Ghoti Hook, MxPx, Value Pac alternative/punk
Natalie Imbruglia Jennifer Knapp, Out of the Grey, Jars of Clay, Sarah Masen, Margaret Becker Nichole Nordeman pop
Jane's Addiction Stavesacre, Ninety Pound Wuss Alternative
Jewel Sixpence, Jennifer Knapp, Nichole Nordeman, Sarah Masen, Considering Lily, Velour 100 modern rock/pop
Korn P.O.D., Project 86, Blindside, Stavesacre hardcore
Limp Bizkit Bean Bag punk/alternative
Live Plankeye, Stavesacre, Plumb, Third Day, PFR, Shaded Red, Dear Ephesus, Starflyer59, Sunday's Child alternative/modern rock
Matchbox20 Jars of Clay, MxPx, All Star United, Plankeye, Third Day, Age of Faith Smalltown Poets, The Waiting, Seven Day Jesus modern rock/pop
Dave Matthews Band Jars of Clay, Caedmon's Call, PFR, Havalina Rail Co., Scarecrow & Tinmen, Identical Strangers, The Kry, Third Day, Big Tent Revival Contemporary Rock
Edwin McCain Caedmon's Call, Chris Rice, Eli pop/folk
Sarah McLachlan Jennifer Knapp, Michelle Tumes, Chasing Furies, Sarah Masen, Margaret Becker Nichole Nordeman, Sixpence, Whilshire, Out of the Grey alternative/pop
Metallica Grammatrain, Bride, Tourniquet Heavy Metal
Mighty Mighty Bosstones Supertones, W's, Insyderz, Five Iron Frenzy, Dingees, Big Dog Small Fence, Squad 5-0 alternative/ska
Alanis Morrisette Jennifer Knapp, Jaci Velasquez, Rebecca St. James, Sarah Masen modern rock
Nine Inch Nails Argyle Park, Plankeye, Skillet, Mortal, Argyle Park industria/alternative
Nirvana MxPx, Fono, Plankeye, Value Pac, Stavesacre, Skillet, Grammatrain, Smalltown Poets Alternative
No Doubt Miss Angie, Value Pac, Dogwood, Slick Shoes punk
NOFX Craig's Brother, Dogwood, MxPx, Ghoti Hook, Value Pac, Slick Shoes punk
Oasis Reality Check, Newsboys, dctalk, Morella's Forest, Starflyer59, Seven Day Jesus, Between Thieves, Skillet, Plankeye, PFR alternative/modern rock
Offspring Ghoti Hook, MxPx, Grammatrain, Skillet, Value Pac, Dear Ephesus alternative/punk
Pearl Jam Grammatrain, Skillet, Dear Ephesus modern rock
Pennywise Ghoti Hook, MxPx Slick Shoes, Craig's Brother punk
Radiohead Plankeye, All Star United, Seven Day Jesus, Third Day Modern rock
Rage Against the Machine Stavesacre, P.O.D., , Project 86 hard/alternative
Reel Big Fish Supertones, Five Iron Frenzy, Insyderz, Big Dog Small Fence Ska
Savage Garden Third Day, dctalk, Newsboys, Deliriou5?, Audio Adrenaline alternative pop
Save Ferris W's, Insyderz, Five Iron Frenzy, Supertones, Dingees ska
Semisonic Plankeye, All Star United, Seven Day Jesus, Smalltown Poets, The Waiting modern rock/pop
Smash Mouth Stavesace, Puller alternative
Smashing Pumpkins Seven Day Jesus, All Star United, Bleach, Grammatrain, Plankeye, Stavesacre, Starflyer59, Between Thieves alternative/modern rock
Stone Temple Pilots Grammatrain, Skillet, Between Thieves, Seven Day Jesus modern rock
Sublime dctalk, Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, Reality Check, Squad 5-0, MxPx modern rock
Third Eye Blind Jars of Clay, MxPx, All Star United, Plankeye, Smalltown Poets, Seven Day Jesus, The Waiting modern rock/pop
Tool P.O.D., Stavesacre, Project 86, Puller hard/alternative
U2 Reality Check, Newsboys, dctalk, Grammatrain, Petra alternative/modern rock

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