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<CENTER>Dear Mom & Dad

Dear Mom & Dad.

Well, basic training has been a bit tough and I am sure glad it's over.

The squadron that I have been assigned to is a real keen multi purpose

Unit, we have been trained to fly bombers and fighter depending on our

mission orders.

I sure do miss Mom's apple pie and the smell of Dad's old pipe after dinner.

I got the picture from Louise she looks great and gee I miss her.

Could ya see to it she gets to read this letter too. If I know you guys, you have

already called her about this letter.

You guys are the best !

Most of my days are spent out on fighter patrol

So I have a whole lot of time to think about home and I hope this war is

over soon.

Well , I better get going I have a squad meeting at 09:00 for our next sorte'.

Lots of love and write soon.

Your son.