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Blink 182 and Greenday Mp3`s, info and pictures

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - August 13th~ In times when MP3's are hard to come by we offer you some, just go to the link area at the bottom. Also we have welcomed our 10000 hit, thanks for all your support of the years it feels good. Anyway this is a waste of my time. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - October 21th~Theres a green day intimate and interactive on nov.2nd at like 7 manitoba time so ya. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - October 20th~I saw the New blink video....its halarious the whole band is having bad dreams and it shows their old videos but their all midgets and other cool stuff happens. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - October 14th~Weve started to make a new site for our Band backUp Plan,were recording a cd in a week and once its done this site will have a couple mp3`s and the other site will have the whole Cd.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - October 14th~Blinks new video for Man Over Board premiers on tuesday and if you have MTV thiers a making the video for it on monday.the new live cd comes out nov 7th the set list is: 1)Dumpweed 2)Dont leave me 3) aliens exist 4)family reunion 5)going away to collage 6)whats my age agian 7)dick lips 8)Blow Job 9)Untitled 10)Voyuer 11)Pathetic 12)adams song 13)Peggy sue 14)wendy clear 15)Carousel 16)all the small things 17)Mutt 18)The country song 19)damnit 20)Man over board-thier new song 21)words of wisdom-11 minutes of the guys talking. jason from absolute got an advanced copy of the cd and says its really worth it,way better quality then he thought and all funny. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - October 13th~Green days new album Warning is great,its a follow up to nimrod with alot of different sounds and some of their old style with songs like deadbeat holiday and castaway.Gobs new Cd The world according to gob is awesome too,a great follow up to their last cd how far shallow takes you,the whole cd is good and fast. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- October 10th~ Gob's new CD is out. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - October 3rd~ Green Day's new CD's out -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - September 7th~greenday is coming out with a new record in less then a month ya. Sign up for the Email on our site. blink won an award on mtv's music awards -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - July 26th~Nov.7th blink has a new live cd coming out.wicked!!...tre hurt himself on warpedtour,he threw a cymbal into the air while he was seting his drums on day is going to be on dave letterman oct.3rd the day thier cd comes out.Much music is showing the ontario date of the warped tour on july 29th.thats it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - June 26th~Much Music had an interview with billie joe and tre over the weekend and said that october 3rd is the official release date for their new Cd called "Warning". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - June 21st~well,me and ben just started a new band,we dont have a name but we`ll probly be putting some cheap mp3`s on this site soon.If your ever touring dauphin,MB come check us out.Blink`s site has some new stuff on thier american tour going on now...Green day is holding 2 not so secret shows in LA to warm up for warped tour which is getting underway soon,and i am sad to say i can not go because of some cash flow problems..oh well so what im a poor basterd. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - May 23rd~.billie joe`s other band pinhead gunpowder just released a split EP which was out a bit ago and Green day`s new CD is due out in september.Blink`s finished thier europe tour and starting their american tour.their`s an AP mag. out with a couple of green day articles worth picking up.later. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - April 18th~,green day`s CD that they`ll be done recording in a month has a temp title of "warning"i know about 7-10 songs on it but i wont name em now.Blink`s not up to too much.The new warped tour site is got all new info and shit...later. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- April 1st~Warped tour confirmed bands and dates are at day has began to record their 6th album,theyve found a producer but i dont know his name. Blink 182`s new video is awesome and their performance on sandjob was very cool.later. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- March 8th~Green day is officially going to begin recording the new album march27,they may self-record the Cd or find another producer before then.Blink will appear at Much Music's Sandjob march13th~19th --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- March5th~Warped Tour Bands:confirmed,Green day,NoFX,TSOL,MxPx,Good Riddence,Suicide Machines,Anti-Flag,Hot water Music,Long Beach Dub all stars,Jurassic 5,Millencolin,Flogging molly,snapcase,mighty bosstones,The donnas,one man army,papa roach, Dillinger4,avail,The stingrays,Animal,save Ferris,Less than jake,The ataris....:Rumored, ALL, Supersuckers, Rancid,Ice T/Body count,saves the day,public enemy ,B-side Players,My superhero,The dickies,Murphy`s law,mad caddies,Rude Buddha,The Bloodhound Gang,No use for a name,catch 22,Defiance of authority.:all of these are off the warped web site ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ March 3rd~Ive heard Green day have cancelled their contract with scott litt which will push the release of their new Cd to dec.2000 or january 2001.Green day were also up for a grammy a few days ago but sadly enough didnt win. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------- Febuary 20th~Blink 182 is touring europe thoughout march and will be doing a U.S. national tour this summer.They are also featuerd in the april issue of Alternative Press. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------- Febuary 12th~Green day has hoped on to the Vans Warped tour set to hit 36-cities including calgary where i will be watching from.although green day will be missing the texas dated due to other commetments.Other bands aboard the tour are NoFX,Good riddence,MxPx,the bosstones and many more. ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- Febuary 4th~Blink 182 is making thier new video for Adam`s song this month and should be debuted in march. ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- If you have comments or questions send the to our email address. if for some crazy reason you have complaints send them to
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