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i wont you to now that i love you to pieacs beth and i dont know what you want to do,
but im happy in what you choose to do because i wont you to be happy.but i wont to say
that i promise not to be a fuck up anymore and not to be possive(everytime i start to
 be possive you can slap me),and to be nice to everyone who is your friend and such.
but i do want this to work,even if it is a secret love affair,everything can be fun.
i hope you meant it on saturday that you didnt wont my babys you just wanted my baby
and that you want to stay with me forever.i know you think that youll split up again 
but 3rd times the charm and 3's my lucky number,but on real facts i promise both my 
testicals in a jar if we do split up,trust me beth, weve got it all perfect now.we
dont need to think rationally and morally bout this cos there the curcuits that the
world powers program into us to keep us stupid.but anyway ive really missed you,if it
wasnt for the thaught of you,and smoking,i would of giving up lifing.i wont to tell you
why i love so here goes.beth is a kind cearing soul who stumbled across this planet at
a time when not alot of kind caring souls wonderd by it,she is a raydiant source of natrual 
buety like mother nauture herself,sometimes i think that you are mother nauturein human
from,she's like a little baby piggelt,all ikel and cute,she has hair like a frence princess
would have,she is really creative(and still hasnt nitted me my scraff) and loves it when 
i make her stuff.she was evan kind enouth to take in a hopless punk under her wind tiwch.
she may listen to (shitty)inde(thats not really inde cos its all on major labels)but that
makes beth charcter intersting cos if i wonted someone like me i would of masterbated on the 
mirror.beth has skin that is so soft that i can snuggel up on it and fall asleep esayley
she smell's like wild fire(not the same smell but thats the same emotion as when i see wild fire
in front of my eyes).and got funny teeth.she allways says intersting things and know more
then anyone else about me.she's my best friend and the most favroit person in the universe
and i think we were married in a past life togher.shes the only one close to craking the 
secrects of my mind.and shes the most buetyfull thing in egsixtance ever and she's
so purty when she sleeps,even more buetyfull when awake,cos she looks at so much peace
it make me wont to pick you up and eat you so  you can live inside me and i can keep 
you safe and warm,,you could also find the secound heart beati have of i just could be 
pernet,but who knows?and shes the best in bed  ;-)

i do hope that you want to continue cos i will do anything in the world to,even stop drinking
or/and smoking(but if so you should prepere for hell with that one).please come and visit me know your welcome to sneak in at any time


je t'aime tellement son idiot

i picked you some imagenry flowers