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Think you have what it takes to be Coaster King?  Well here’s your chance to prove you’ve got the stomach for it.Take your best shot at building the ultimate theme park with the wildest coasters you can imagine, then hop in a cart and hang on as you experience the gut-wrenching G-forces of your own mind-blowing coaster creations. 

Hire a staff, research new rides, and don’t bust your budget, and you just might come out on top…if you can keep your lunch down, that is. 



  • Design, roll-out and ride an infinite number of cool coasters from 18 awesome styles.
  • Build over 100 death-defying rides, concessions and popular attractions
  • Use your imagination to develop three themes in your park—Polar Zone, Arabian Knights and Land of Invention.
  • Manage your park down to the last detail with SimCoaster’s powerful business simulator.
  • Design, test and fine-tune your coasters before you add them to your park with the Coaster Design Kit.
  • Master the challenges of running your park to climb the corporate ladder—running a business was never so much fun!
  • Enjoy every ride, shop and sideshow in both real-life 3D, and from your visitor's point-of-view.



Beware! Your Sims can now harness the supernatural, casting spells with playful or mischievous intentions. With a new magical, carnival-themed location, over 175 new items, and a host of quirky new characters, Makin' Magic is the largest Sims Expansion Pack ever. New gameplay includes making, gathering, and questing for ingredients to brew magic spell recipes. Get help around the house from magical minions, turn pesky neighbors into toads, or make that hard-to-get Sim fall in love with you. But watch out, spells can backfire if you're not careful. Either way, the neighborhood will never be the same. 



New Gameplay

  • Unlock spells in the family Spellbook and mix ingredients to create spells.
  • Every spell has a unique Backfire, including toad plagues, snakes, and lightning strikes.

New Magic Town Location

  • Perform at the Side Show, Spook Show, Magic Duelling Arena, and Magic Trick Table to earn MagiCoins.
  • Customize spooky and crazy carnival rides for your Sims.
  • Build a magical dream home and live in Magic Town.

Over 175 New Items

  • New Mediterranean-themed kitchen set includes the first-ever Baker's oven to bake bread, cakes, and pies.
  • Build skills and create new spell ingredients with the Bee Hive, Spinning Wheel, Gargoyle Bench and Butter Churn.
  • Grow grapes and berries with Vine Plots to make and serve nectar.

New Characters

  • Turn the Gnome and Flamingo lawn ornaments into an eager garden helper and sexy hostess.
  • Summon the Skeleton Maid to clean your house.
  • Hatch a Pet Dragon who will eat everything from garbage to small creatures.



Put your Sims into outrageous situations and settings with The Sims Livin' Large. New objects, careers, building styles and characters give you the freedom to send your Sims' lives into extreme directions where they'll confront everything from roach infestations to alien abductions. Create a wild new world for your Sims and see what happens. 




  • More Building Styles

New building options will have you creating a whole range of homes, from a tacky love shack to a creepy castle to a high-tech "home of the future."

  • 125 New Items

Experiment with on your Sims with 8 potions in the Home Chemistry Set, grant your Sim a wish or two with the Magic Lantern, "play in bed" with the Vibromatic Heart Bed.

  • New Characters

Purchase a robot to help around the house, a clown for a total chaos or plead with the Grim Reaper to spare a Sim's life.

  • More Neighbourhoods

Build up to 50 homes for your Sims with the addition of four new neighbourhoods.

  • 5 New Careers

Looking for an employment change for your Sim? Explore new career paths with the addition of the Slacker, the Journalist, the Paranormal, the Hacker or really rock by pursuing a career as a Musician.



Create simulated people and build their homes, then help your Sims pursue careers, earn money, make friends, and find romance... or totally mess up their lives!

Test your "people skills" as you deal with family, friends, careers, and chaos! There is no right or wrong way to play this game.



Sid Meier's SimGolf, the latest creation from legendary game designer Sid Meier, puts players in charge of their very own golf resort. As course designer, CEO and resident pro, the player is challenged to grow a business from a small, public pitch-and-putt to a five-star resort complete with world-class golf holes, professional tournaments and luxury accommodations. 




  • Choose one of 16 locations for your very first golf club. Build the perfect course by creating rolling fairways, lush greens and strategically placed water hazards. Make it your own by raising and lowering terrain, adding Japanese gardens and scenic landmarks!
  • Listen to your Sim golfers and respond to their needs by building resort facilities. Keep them happy with everything from ball washers and pro shops to luxury hotels and casinos.
  • Create your own golf pro and then test your course. Develop your golfer's skills and compete in one-on-one matches and tournaments.
  • Customize Each Sim golfer name, personality, appearance and dialogue that are fully customizable. Re-create yourself, your friends, or your family and see how they perform on our course.
  • Trade your courses and golf stories with other SimGolf players around the world.



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