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Truth always leaves a trace. Team up with the entire cast of CSI and a new, improved crime lab to track down the heinous truth in five complex new crimes. No crime is ever perfect. Your job is to find the flaw. 





  • Live the CSI Experience

Work in the field with the CSI team, featuring the actors, the atmosphere, voices, and music from the hit TV show.

  • Wield the Latest Forensic Tools

Find the killers by using real-world forensic tools, such as fingerprint dusters, UV lights, a magnifying scope, and an enhanced microscope.

  • New Crimes to Tackle

Piece together the evidence behind five grisly new crimes.

  • New Expanded Crime Lab
Compare and match evidence in the improved crime lab, featuring in-depth evidence examination that will test your investigative skills



Out of work and deserted by his girl friend – something's got to change in Josh's life! The up-and-coming musician Josh seeks new happiness in a new city. Upon his arrival, he meets Kim, an upbeat girl who just happens to have a vacancy in her three-person flat share. But of all people, whom should Kim's flatmate be but Anna, Josh’s ex, who left him after he had bitterly disappointed her! Will you help Josh to try to win back Anna’s trust and love? Or have you set your sights more on the bubbly Kim? Or can true love really only exist between men? 



  • Singles 2 is the cheeky and erotic 3D Life-and-Love Sim.
  • Enjoy endless games in Freeplay Mode and 10 quests around 5 new protagonists in Story Mode (can also be played with female character).
  • Choose the sex and personality of 17 characters in the game and play matchmaker (for same and opposite sex pairings).
  • Take care of your single’s 9 individual needs such as fun, energy or friendship.
  • Enjoy flirts at singles parties in the bar and invite new people you meet home.
  • Brighten up the apartment with 400 pieces of furniture, wallpapers and accessories.
  • Get new outfits for yourself in the outfits shop.
  • Spoil your loved one or spoil yourself. You can choose between a love triangle, a short affair or the love of your life



In this rally-game with 28 different tracks you can drive in six real rally-cars, like the Proton Wira or a Skoda. The weather is changing all the time, from rain to sun to snow. The graphics are good and the cars have a great detail. The tracks are real tracks from the RAC rally and have a changeable road. Sometimes you ride on tarmac and the other time on mud.



Let Top TV Fisherman Matt Hayes introduce you to the exciting world of lure Fishing. From the comfort of your PC you can now experience the thrill of the big fight. Featuring ferocious predators such as Pike, Zander, Perch, Trout, Chub and Salmon - Have you got what it takes to stop the big ones getting away?

With Pro-tips from Matt himself, it is not just a game that you are buying, but years of lure fishing experience.




  • The underwater camera puts the fish-fight right in your face!
  • Tackle selection and lure presentation is the key to catch the fish you want.
  • Specimen fish are hungry for the bait in a variety of English, Scottish, Irish and Scandinavian waters.
  • With acres of water, hundreds of lures, and thousand of fish, there’s no end to the rod bending action!



Take control of eight Super Cars and race your way through six different tracks from Australia to Nepal. Once you've beaten the six tracks, a new track is available to you.

It's a fast paced racing game that plays more like an arcade racer than a true simulation.  

Much like the first in the series, NFS2 has plenty of high performance cars to choose from, including the McLaren F1 or Ferrari F50 and a few concept cars. The main difference between this and the previous Need for Speed game is the tracks, with less open road tracks in this sequel, and no cops to chase you. But the tracks available are very detailed, and some have changing weather conditions while you race.




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