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QFC is a non-profit, drug free organization that cares for families, kids, and it's community.

Our Quest

Quest for Champions of America, is comprised of inspiring philosophies, training abilities, and the human compassion needed to succeed in today’s modern world of competition. Regardless, if the member is struggling with academic grades in school, or with troubling peer pressures on or off the playing field, or even the lack of family unity and support, founder, creator, and director, George de la Isla, has contributed his 38 years of experience developing a goal toward the destination of a “Champion” 

The entertainment sport of pro-wrestling is not just a rugged development of the physical body from the school of training, but it has also captured many other responsible people of the community who seek interest in various careers such as marketing, technical and theatrical set-up, sales and even bookkeeping. The voice of ring announcers to audio / visual technicians and into TV editors and producers, many careers have been launched.  The community has always held their support knowing that these young men and women are encouraged to participate in professional productions and discouraged with the involvement in illegal dead-end roads of lonely cold streets in America. We encourage the ideas and skills from members in order to work together and present an outstanding show.

This non-profit corporation has come a long way since 1968.

The primary concern that George continues to instill to his main associate Raymond Campos and to all of the QFC Board of Directors is to help the discouraged male or female, by way of giving them a goal in self-belief. To provide a location physical trainers and mentors, the members will work on reinventing their own self esteem and outlook on life. “By believing in themselves they will soon recognize their own errors and accomplishments to successfully stand and walk out as a respectful local community member as well as a recognized “Champion in Life.”


Many independent companies that George developed were,
Pacific Coast Crown Wrestling /California, United Superstars of Pro-Wrestling /Texas, Capital of Texas Power Wrestling, Champions of Texas Power Wrestling, and now, Quest for Champions of America Inc., He has taken and developed many men and women in this business to achieve work throughout the world.  “Our wrestlers have been to Mexico, Japan, Canada, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, Philippines, and throughout the USA”.  Many wrestling stars from the past, as well as the present, have been associated with QFC Inc... Plus, approximately 475 pro-wrestling students have been trained throughout the years and over 500 “Live” and “Televised” Show productions have historically been recorded to credit this independent company.

Your company or your personal financial donation plus the contribution of merchandise goods that will indeed help keep the doors open at our facilities is greatly appreciated. 

Therefore, we offer these young men and women the abilities to develop their physical skill as well as developing a secured sense of self-respect and self confidence to prevent the ongoing temptations of crime and drugs in our community.

Please, make your tax deductible donations to Quest for Champions of America Inc..

For any further information please feel free to call: (512) 448-5848 or Cell (512) 784-1399.

Thank You!

Your teen may need help if they are having problems in one of the following areas:
Teen as run away, struggling in school, drug or alcohol abuse, lies and/or steals, depression, has been to counseling, rebellious, legal problems, communication problems, bad peer group, ADD/ADHD, failing classes, and/or defiance.


George de la Isla, Raymond Campos, Jackie Potts, Dr. Steven Kyrch, Cindylou Spencer

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