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A 'Wrestler Bios' graphic will be placed here.

There will be a section for current champions, with their pictures in this spot.  Each wrestler will have his or her own separate page, which will have the same photo or a collection of other pictures.  The separate bio page will also have the wrestler's height, weight, titles held, signature move, and the group they belong to, if that applies to the wrestler or performer.    Here is a sample of my idea with some WWE wrestlers.


Current Champions:
Click the wrestler's picture for more info!

ECW Champ:  The Big Show

World Heavyweight Champ:  Rey Mysterio

WWE Champ: Edge

WWE Cruiserweight Champ:  Gregory Helms

US Champ:  Finlay

Intercontinental Champ:  Johnny Nitro

The CTPW Roster would be displayed in this fusion, champs at the top, with the rest of the roster underneath with all of their own pages.  Groups like the Latin Alliance or the Faces of Darkness will have a themed page for the whole group, and on that page, separate bios for each member of the group will be accessible. 

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