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July 21st, 2006: Friday Night Beatdown:

Bobby 2 Badd gets the boot!
On Friday, July 22nd, QFC saw a match fueled by anger and hatred.  Skull Manson and Bobby 2 Badd finally got their hands on each other and had a brutal fight.  The fight started on the inside, with both men going at each other.  The battle eventually ended up outside the ring.  Bobby 2 Badd was DDT'd onto the ring stairs, then Skull Manson went back into the ring. 

The referee, TJ Cinnamon, started the 10 count.  Bobby 2 Badd fought hard to get back onto his feet, and made is back into the ring before the 10 count was completed.  The two men continued to pommel each other with all they had, until the referee was accidentally knocked out. 

Voo then came out to take out Bobby, then out came Spiro and Devestator!  The Latin Alliance eventually made their way out to the ring to participate in the battle.  When all of that quited down, Skull set Bobby up for the rope leg drop. 

By the time the move was done, the ref was back on his feet, making the three count for Skull Manson.  After the count was completed, Skull's manager, Lord Asteroth went backstage to get a suitcase and threw it to Bobby.  The fans were on their feet in shock at this turn of events.  Nobody wanted to see Bobby leave.

Return of the Ebony Explosion in the works?
We saw a match this week which featured former cruiserweight champion Blair Spykes with La Chota and Mr. B at ringside take on one half of the Demolition Crew, Lone Star JR.  The match was fast paced, and powerful.  After a two count for Blair, the supposedly injured Mr. B jumped up on the ring apron and argued with referee Ironwill Anderson about the controversial 2 count.  While Blair was distracted by Mr. B's antics, Lone Star JR lifted Blair up for a very powerful slam, getting the three count. 

Mr. B came into the ring to help Blair, but Blair wouldn't have that.  Blair was furious with Mr. B for causing the distraction.  Mr. B and Blair argued for a while.  Mr. B even called Blair a "retardo".  Blair left the ring, then Mr. B got on the mic and stopped Blair in his tracks.  Mr. B removed his sling, and threw up the sign for Ebony Explosion, and then told Blair that if he wasn't down with that, then he was a "damn fool".

Who will the members of the Ebony Explosion be?  Mr. B said he was sick of the Latin Alliance, so will Ebony Explosion take them on?  These questions may be answered at next weeks show!

This is a sample show summary for the main page.  Full results would be posted on a separate page.

The next show will be on Saturday, July 29th at 8 PM.  You will see Jojo Bravo, the Texas Champion, take on Skull Manson for the title!  You will also see Blair Spykes vs. Mr. B, and Tommy Gun vs. CMLL's Monje Diabolico for the cruiserweight title.

While you're here, check out the roster page, get some info on Quest for Champions, and download the flyer to give to your friends!