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Below we have a list of bands and album titles of some of the best hardcore metal offered today.

First on the list would have to my personal favorite, NEUROSIS. These guys rip! I saw them play with CANDIRIA and a few local bands. Other than SLAYER it was the best show I have ever seen.

These guys Have several albums out. I have a few cd covers so you know what you are looking for.

This is the first album I got, and of there newest stuff, I think it is the best.

This is thier newest album they have out. It is damn good.

The next album is slayer. If you don't know who they are then get the fuck off my page.

Next on the list is NILE. This band is awesome--great riffs, badass vocals,and they just rule. Check them out.

There isn't much you can say about this but "badass!". Trust me, you will like it if you like hardcore or grind.

Next is one of the first hardcore bands I ever listened to. They are called CARCASS. These guys are bad. Even though they broke up in late '93, early '94, they still rule.

As far as CARCASS goes I think this is their best album.

This is their b-sides album done after they broke up. It was released in 96'. This cover is so graphic if you look for it, at the store, the picture will be covered in black, so just look for the name, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE CARCASS, printed on a sticker on the front.

Next on my list of goodies we have a badass band from New York called CANDIRIA. I saw then play with NEUROSIS. These guys where cool. We got to hang out with them after the show for a little bit. It was badass.

These guys are just fuckin crazy. I mean their music is so intense; it has so much power. I love it man! If you don't buy this I am gonna poke out your eye and make love to your skull!!!!!

Now on the list is a damn good band called LIVING SACRIFICE. These guys are the best Christian band I have ever heard. They are hard as hell. Check them out.

This album is bad. I have only heard it twice. Sorry, funds are low right now so I couldn't get it, but from the stuff I have heard it is awesome.

Last, but not least, on my list is a band called HELLNATION. These guys are hardcore to the bone. It is insanely hard and almost too fast. Check them out.

Sorry there is no pic of the album cover. It is called "FUCKED UP MESS". There will be a pic in a little while and a review of the album written by ARSEFACED, creator of COMPULSIVE BLASPHEMER RECORDS.

Now on to more mother fuckin METAL


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