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Luke (a.k.a KoS)

Gothic Punk (if you have to give me a title)

I am full time student at a hellish place called DEER CREEK HIGH SCHOOL, where I am tormented daily by a demonic beast name CHRIS BREWSTER. This man would give a hell spawn a bad name.

I live in Oklahoma city, Oklahoma, a rather ignorant place, where I have to live for another few years and put up with the redneck way of thinking

I live here with my parents and brother

I am 16 years old. I work a labor intensive job where i get paid well. I try not to get kicked out of school. Is that good enough?

I should probably tell you a little about what I look like, althougth I did already give you two pics of me. Any way, I am 6'3", black hair, and green eyes.

As far as my life goes--I have one! It is good

Friends are doing great. Normally I wake up, get dressed and go to school. The only reason I get out in the sun at all is to go to school. I really don't like the sun; sunburns hurt like hell and if I can avoid them I will.

As far as things that intrest me go, there are quite a few. There is Music, all forms of body art(tattoos etc.). Comics--now there is something I like.

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Ok now you Know about me. On to the fucking METAL. Metal

This site has been add for all you Korn and Slipknot listenin wannabe metal head fuckers.METAL 101

This is a site for all you crazy fuckers out there.POWER VIOLENCE

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You like movies that just fuckin rule click here

Here are some rad pics I think every one might like.

MORE PICS ARE ON THE WAY FROM: Kat, Drew, Jason, and Mags

If I have violated a copyright e-mail me and I will give credit to you, thanks- KoS