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There are a lot of bands that i like and even more that I hate, but here are a few that you should pick up no matter what, and some others that, if you pick up you should be buggered for all eternity.

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Ok now first on my list is A band I saw play a few years ago called TOOL. This band rips, man. Their lyrics have meaning. They talk about the corruption in modern sociaty, and all sorts of other stuff. Here are some of their albums. They are supposed to have a new album out in the next few months. I will keep you posted.
This is their latest cd. It is badass. I got this one before I got the other ones, and they just get better every time a new one comes out. BUY THIS CD!!!!! Raiting: 10

This is a great album. It has badass songs with awesome riffs and distortion. There is another version of this album that the corporation forced them to put out so that places like WAL-Mart would carry it in there stores. Do not buy that one. It has a big bar code on the cover instead of the rather kick ass cover on the real one. Raiting: 8

next on the list are bands I hate. Look at all of it. I told you it would be funny.

This band sucks. Horrible "I-am-satan-wannabe" crap with too much make- up. You can buy this, but I wouldn't advise it. I shot it with a pelt gun for target partice. Raiting:3

I am not gonna waste my time with a review. Rating:1 and that is trying to be nice.

Next on my list is the "I hate new METALLICA" part and the "I love old METALLICA" part--have fun! Now that I have had a few days to think about it I am not gonna put old metallica with new--it is just not right. Here is new metallica (I shudder at the thought of it).

I hate this! If you buy it you should be burned at the stake. Raiting: it should be pissed on I am not gonna waste my time making it so.

Anyway, my list is done. Just think about the sell-outs above have pissed me off to the point were I will not be adding any more cd covers(to be honest it won't let me), but here are some bands that you can check out. They are all excellent, and if you haven't heard of them check them out because they are just too damn bad not to.

Jimi Hendrix: any thing done by this man is incredible. I would advise you to buy some and listen to the riffs he plays and see if they sound kinda similar to some of the bands of today.

The Doors: Damn good band. What else can you say? It has everything you could ask for. These guys even have a little country western in them. No worries, though, it rules. Best songs: "Crystal ship", and "People are strange".

even cute things can be

If there are any bands you want to know about, e-mail me and I will tell you whether it is good or bad.- KoS HOME