The best thing that could ever happen to someone, is finding a person who you truely love, and having them feel the same way towards you. You know a friendship must be strong, if its survived through the toughest of hardships. Kyle and I hated eachother all throughout elementry school, we didn't really know eachother too well.. but we still decided that we'd hate eachother, just one of those elementry things. In Juniour High, I'll admit... I got pretty annoying, annoyingly hyper.. which probably threw him off a bit, until the second half of the year when we were stuck sitting by eachother in social studies class. He was friends with a friend of mine, so I guess we somehow decided to make the best of it, and talked to eachother in class. He started developing an unnatural liking for one of my best friends, which became another reason for his being so nice to me, coming to my birthday party, hanging out with us occasionaly outside of school, and coming to Thetis with us all the time in the summer. Once we did become friends, the next year, it progressed to movies and dances outside of school with friends, and talking on the phone every evening, that was back when talking on the phone every night happened in the evening still. Eventually, our friendship over grew his friendship with my best friend, and we became really close. Soon, I'd start going to him with things, instead of my best friend. Over the summer, it was him and another friend of mine who were always together. All summer, the three of us were inseperible. When school started, we were all eager to get another chance at love, having been together all summer.. none of the relationships any of us tried to have, worked out too well. Well, a couple of us found someone (unfortunately I wasn't one of them). It was strange, Kyle having a girlfriend. At the start of their relationship... it wasn't so much that he spent more time with her but with her friends. He tried to pull it off by saying they'd been friends for so long, yadda yadda... they'd known eachother for yadda long, but they had never seemed this chummy chummy before. He was totally sucking up. And the amount of time he (along with the rest of our friends!) were spending with these other people, and not us.. was totally un acceptable. We were being completely replaced.. hanging out here and there was fine, but now.. every activity which we all used to endure together, was happening without us. Old traditions.. old hang outs, Friday nights, weren't spent with us anymore. Well... we made perfectly sure that this phase of theirs (at least we knew that in the end, we'd be there.. not them) passed quickly. After about a month, it died down some.. but it still felt weird, having these other people around so often, trying to take over our friends. For a while there, our friendship almost came to a complete stop.. but thankfully, it had just slowed down some, and we were able to pick it back up again. For a while though, things got so weird, we thought there was no chance in hell left for us to pick up where we left off. But we eventually did.. and through little mishaps here and there, we became stronger than ever. Close to the end of Kyle's almost 4 month relationship with his girlfriend.. we got closer than we had ever been before, and again.. during the Christmas break, if not the three of us again, Kyle and I were definatly inseperable. Well, it was soon obvious that Kyle and his girlfriends relationship was coming to an end.. and so it did. Soon after... we became an item. After many many nights of endless talking about how it would effect our friendship.. we decided to take a chance, and now.. I don't think anything will change how close we are. I love him more than I'd ever loved anyone or anything before, and I miss him more so when he's gone. After either seeing eachother all day at school, or hanging out together all day, we still talk everynight... for hours. Never getting sick of eachother, and hardly ever close to it. We share so many of the same intrests in music, movies and hang out with the same people. Our brains click, and we often find ourselves saying or thinking the same things at the same time. I plan on staying with him as long as I possibly can.. two people who've been through all of this together, and still have the same undying love for eachother.. have got to have somthing special, and I never want it to end.. I love him so much.. forever, until the day I die =0)