So I figured a bunch of us would go to Rocktoria, the concert under the stars thing, at Centenial Square. They're every Sunday night throughout the summer, and it was the ska/pop rock night, so I thought.. hey why not, it'll be cool.. ska is awesome. I went with Kris, Matt and Sarah. Kyle didn't get off work 'til later, so that messed that up. We met Jes and Janine down there, they weren't with us the whole time, cuz they had people down there too. We got there, and hung out on the grass for a while, because of the big crowds. (We didn't feel like pushing our way through them quite yet) So we wondered around and stuff...went to sit on the bench near the front of the stage to the side, and yadda yadda. I knew of a couple cool bands that were gonna be playing.. and close to the last songs they were playing, Moe was finally like.. "okay, lets go mosh!" cuz there was a small mosh pit and people dancing at the front... and I had wanted to go there the whole time, but no one would go with me.. so finally we went. Jes and Janine had gone off by then. So we moshed for a while, which made me feel a LOT better. I had NO sugar, and no caffine at all yesterday.. mosh pits, or big groups of people having fun... combined with music, is just a natural high for me!! I swear I could feel the adrenaline going through my body!! Then we went and frolicked downtown for a while... wondering around (it was around 9 pm by then). I was like, laughing and skipping and being loud.. and I was cheering like crazy all night!! We went back again, and this time it was the Kiltlifters (as apposed to The Special Guests), and they're more ska... so it was more dancish.. it was still so awesome though. I was nuts man.. I can't beleive I was so loud and crap. Then, while we were waiting for my mom to pick us up... we were sitting by the road on the grass (we were LOWWW on grass.. woo hoo!) people thought we were on drugs, asked us if they could buy some smokes, called us crazy (to our faces.. litteraly) mentioned stuff about the full moon.. and dude, we were cheering and laughing and mannnnn... it was SO awesome. I got up and started head banging and shit, then Matt was like.. ohh go to it on the bench.. so I did.. it was cool. Down on Government street at 10 PM head banging on a bench... that is THE LIFE. I'm tellin' ya.. good ol' Victoria.