To The One

To the one who poured his heart and soul
To the one who told me things
He wouldn't repeat to just anybody else
To the one who listened to the nothing I had to say
Only because I was lonely

To the one who said I was perfect
And had beautiful eyes
To the one who loved my voice
So much, he always listened

To the one who gave the rose
I still keep in my room
To the one who pretended to care
The one who lied when he said he loved me
Then tried to tell me only as a friend
To the one who ripped apart my heart
By the way he changed

The one who hates me
When he really only hates himself
The one who thought it was one big game
To the one who made me believe I was special
The one who later made my life a hell
Who made so many tears fall from my eyes

The one who had me believing he felt somthing
Who said he would always make me feel better
When I was feeling down
The one so out of touch with reality
He runs away from the problem he caused
And the one he hurt

So he wouldn't feel responsible, so he would feel better
To the one who made me hurt
The one who broke my heart

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