Being pessimistic sucks major royal ass. Alright, so I talk to my best friend every night on the phone, and every weekend we hang out with our friends together. Occasionally we'll go a couple nights without talking on the phone, but we'll usually talk online if he doesn't call, it's never a big deal, we need our sleep sometimes.

So the last few days we haven't talked on the phone, because of him working late or one night I went to some Benifit concert and he was out with some friends with work (people which I don't mind him spending time with, they're nice enough and they like me, so its all good). So I don't hang out with him all of Friday (but I talked to him once for a little while, although I was in a crappy mood and he probably thought I was mad at him). And I didn't talk to him Friday night before I went to sleep which is kind of unusual (but at least I knew where he was). Saturday he had to work all day, and then came over for a party I was having. He was being kind of weird the whole time, not as outgoing as he usually is. He seemed to have something on his mind the whole time, but I figured he might have just been tired. He slept here that night with some hesitation (but he had to, which he expressed very clearly all throughout the day), because his parents were up at the lake. That went alright, but I was getting the impression that he wasn't all that comfortable staying here.

Ever since yesterday, I've had two things on my mind. The guy that I like, and why my best friends being so weird. So I don't talk to him a couple of nights in a row, and ONE day I don't do something with him, and he's being kind of weird. And just because I have some other guy on my mind for once, means nothing. I think it's some huge horrible thing and oohh he doesn't want to talk to me everynight anymore, he doesn't want to hang out with me. He doesn't like it because ONE day he was acting strange and upset, so obviously he must be upset about me for some reason or another. I don't think there'd be any secrets that he's keeping, when there is I usually know them before he tells me, because I can tell. So a couple days of not talking to him or seeing him as much as usual, and liking another guy means we're not that great of friends anymore? Maybe if it went on for a couple MONTHS, or more. I'm crazy, but I'm over it now. I think things are okay, I hate having a mind set like this. I think too much, and usually they're bad thoughts of good things, its horrible.